Silver Creek Falls – Chapter 2 Achievement List

You do the math You do the math
Find Skye Davidson without trying every dorm.
Hidden Achievement
And that's the game! And that’s the game!
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
You didn't even have a clue! You didn’t even have a clue!
Deciphered Lee Davis’ encrypted messages.
I know the score! I know the score!
Follow the sports on the TVs
Locker of the Irish Locker of the Irish
You opened Conway’s locker first.
Whats the secret letter? Whats the secret letter?
Uncovered the master plan of the Chinese and Mexicans.
How do you like them Apples? How do you like them Apples?
Picked up all 45 apples from Silver Creek National Park.
Well Read Well Read
You cared enough to listen to the story of the lost colony on Roanoke, shame “Queen Elizabeth I” didn’t.
There's always a bigger fish. There’s always a bigger fish.
Collected all fish from Walleye Head.
Creepy Art Collector Creepy Art Collector
Take a photo of all Holloway’s prints
They are dead fish They are dead fish
Collect all blood samples from Walleye Heads