SickBrick Achievement List

Doors of Perception Doors of Perception
Start a new game for the very first time and make the developers grin with glee.
Shotty Shotty Shotty Shotty
Zap Zap Zap Zap
Let there be light! Oh the cleansing light!
Boom Boom Boom Boom
Destruction wrapped in potato sized packages!
Shock Shock Shock Shock
That gun you get at the end of the game when things get serious? This is that gun.
Old School Old School
Grab both of the keycards on level 11 to escape!
Get Bricked Get Bricked
Complete the game in full one time.
Cubot Extermination Cubot Extermination
Destroy 100 Cubots.
Spherebot Extermination Spherebot Extermination
Destroy 100 Spherebots.
Mordred Extermination Mordred Extermination
Destroy 50 Mordreds.
Boss-bot Extermination Boss-bot Extermination
Destroy 10 Bossbots.
Logging Logging
Read every log file in the game from those that didn’t make it to the end.
Tricky Brick Tricky Brick
Complete an entire playthrough of the game without dying a single time.
Not Really That Long Not Really That Long
Play through the game completely 5 times.
Hidden Achievement
Cheesy Secret Cheesy Secret
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