Shutshimi Achievement List

Invincible Defender Invincible Defender
Complete Boss Rush mode. Talk about deja vu!
True Defender True Defender
Defeat the final terror of the sea. No bigger fish to fry!
The Dead Sea The Dead Sea
Amass a total of 53594 kills…give or take 52594.
Confetti Everywhere Confetti Everywhere
Acquire over 9000 points in a single game. But try not to break anything.
Hang Time Hang Time
Clear a bouncy castle round by bouncing off the floor fewer than 6 times. You should play Bassketball!
Cool Fish Cool Fish
What a horrible night to have a sweet pair of sunglasses.
Reckless Shopper Reckless Shopper
Clear 10 shop rounts within 2 seconds each in a single game. Don’t look, just pick!
Tsundere Shark Tsundere Shark
With the lipstick equipped, smooch a shark. I’m just after the achievement – it’s not like I like you or anything!
Pacifish Pacifish
Survive 10 waves with a score of 0. Nothing like a game of Invasion Golf!
Snappy Dresser Snappy Dresser
Wear 3 hats in a single game. That’s called a Hat Trick!
Rite of Passage Rite of Passage
Acquire the hero’s cape. Finally, some clothing!
Party Hard! Party Hard!
Clear 10 consecutive waves wearing the Foam Dome. Now you’re drinkin’ like a fish!