Shut Up And Dig Achievement List

First blood First blood
Die for the first time
Next-gen Next-gen
Pick up Pickaxe
Crafter Crafter
Craft the first tool
Plant Gift Plant Gift
Pick up Plant gift
Golem Gift Golem Gift
Pick up Golem gift
Shupls Gift Shupls Gift
Pick up Shupls gift
Criple Gift Criple Gift
Pick up Criple gift
Golden Cross Golden Cross
Сraft the Golden Cross
Bag All Bag All
Сraft the Big Bag
Bargainer Bargainer
Kill the Bargainer
Alice Alice
Kill the Alice
Anonym Anonym
Kill the Anonym
Exorcism Exorcism
Use the Skull
I'm on a horse I’m on a horse
Saddle the Slug
Capitalist Capitalist
Earn 5000 gold
Pioneer Pioneer
Complete the first world
Snake Party Snake Party
Meet the event
Fountain Fountain
Drink some water
Diamond Diamond
Find treasure
Bosskey Bosskey
Find the key without boss
500 500
Destroy 500 blocks
1000 1000
Destroy 1000 blocks