Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe Achievement List

First Steps First Steps
Finish the tutorial
Bird Lover Bird Lover
Follow us on Twitter
Wall Builder Wall Builder
Like the game’s Facebook page
Going Up Going Up
Obtain access to the second floor
Higher Higher
Obtain access to the third floor
Disco Time Disco Time
Obtain access to the fourth floor
New Puck New Puck
Obtain one new puck
New Mallet New Mallet
Obtain one new mallet
Puck Collector Puck Collector
Obtain 10 new pucks
Mallet Collector Mallet Collector
Obtain 10 new mallets
Crazy For Pucks Crazy For Pucks
Obtain 19 new pucks
Crazy For Mallets Crazy For Mallets
Obtain 19 new mallets
Handyman Handyman
Obtain 15 equipment upgrades
Bookseller Bookseller
Obtain 10 biographies
Hall Master Hall Master
Obtain all the biographies on the first floor
Bar Master Bar Master
Obtain all the biographies on the second floor
Patio Master Patio Master
Obtain all the biographies on the third floor
Disco Master Disco Master
Obtain all the biographies on the fourth floor
First Victory First Victory
Win one duel
Survivor Survivor
Put together 25 consecutive points in survival mode
Survivalist Survivalist
Put together 50 consecutive points in survival mode
Experienced Player Experienced Player
Win 100 duels
Addict Addict
Win 1,000 duels
Poker Face Poker Face
Stake a total of 10,000 Credz
Bronze Medal-Holder Bronze Medal-Holder
Win 100 bronze medals
Silver Medal-Holder Silver Medal-Holder
Win 100 silver medals
Gold Medal-Holder Gold Medal-Holder
Win 100 gold medals
Sniper Sniper
Score 100 aces
Tax Collector Tax Collector
Collect 1,000 Credz on the table
Opportunist Opportunist
Win 2,000 Credz
Rich Player Rich Player
Win 20,000 Credz
Banker Banker
Win 100,000 Credz
Ambadi Ambadi
Obtain the Furry embodiment
Ghor Ghor
Obtain the Harobed embodiment
Caps Caps
Obtain the M4RV1N embodiment
Bartender Bartender
Obtain the 1S1D0R embodiment
Bakani Bakani
Obtain the Ayato embodiment
Skagol Skagol
Obtain the Skargoth embodiment
Darpian Darpian
Obtain the Phan-Le embodiment
Brodhari Brodhari
Obtain the Vardkor embodiment
Bot Bot
Obtain the W4SP embodiment
Miighu Miighu
Obtain the BupBup embodiment
Octovath Octovath
Obtain the Ekbar embodiment
Miyu Miyu
Obtain the Miyu embodiment
Animal Protection Animal Protection
Complete 10 Furry’s mini-quests
Prima-Donna's Caprice Prima-Donna’s Caprice
Complete 10 Harobed’s mini-quests
Bar Service Bar Service
Complete 10 M4RV1N’s mini-quests
Punishment Work Punishment Work
Complete 10 1S1D0R’s mini-quests
Smuggler Smuggler
Complete 10 Ayato’s mini-quests
Paying Off Debt Paying Off Debt
Complete 10 Skargoth’s mini-quests
Brute Force Brute Force
Complete 10 Phan-Le’s mini-quests
Punishment Expedition Punishment Expedition
Complete 10 Vardkor’s mini-quests
Rankings Rankings
Complete 10 W4SP’s mini-quests
Best Of Bupbup Best Of Bupbup
Complete 10 BupBup’s mini-quests
Diplomacy Lesson Diplomacy Lesson
Complete 10 Ekbar’s mini-quests
Caprices Caprices
Complete 10 Miyu’s mini-quests
Rookie Specialist Rookie Specialist
Perform 50 special strikes
Specialist Specialist
Perform 200 special strikes
Great Specialist Great Specialist
Perform 1,000 special strikes
Regular Player Regular Player
Use the prize machine every day for a week
Compulsive Player Compulsive Player
Spend 100 tokens
Big Winner Big Winner
Win an object, a biography or a concept art with the prize machine
Newbie Newbie
Achieve the rank NEWBIE level 5
Temporary Temporary
Achieve the rank TEMPORARY level 25
Semi-Pro Semi-Pro
Achieve the rank SEMI-PRO level 50
Elite Elite
Achieve the rank ELITE level 75
Hero Hero
Achieve the rank HERO level 100
King King
Achieve the rank KING level 150
Emperor Emperor
Achieve the rank EMPEROR level 175
God God
Achieve the rank GOD level 200
Mission Hunter Mission Hunter
Complete 50 missions
Mission Specialist Mission Specialist
Complete 100 missions
Mission Master Mission Master
Complete 200 missions
Mission Hero Mission Hero
Complete 300 missions
New Boss New Boss
Win the duel against ENELL
Happy Ending Happy Ending
Leave Athanor with your brand new spaceship