Shrouded in Sanity Achievement List

No escape. No escape.
First time for everything…
Goddess of Death. Goddess of Death.
Subdued the 1st Knight.
Faithless One. Faithless One.
Subdued the 2nd Knight.
The Assassin. The Assassin.
Subdued the 3rd Knight.
Twins? Twins?
Subdued the 4th Knight.
Murder. Murder.
Self defence…
New perspective. New perspective.
Visions from the new world.
The truth... The truth…
Nothing is ever free.
King no more. King no more.
Unfit to rule. Doomed to repeat it.
Brave or foolish... Brave or foolish…
Not in the position to negotiate.
Ending A. Ending A.
True conclusion…
Ending B. Ending B.
Close to the truth.
Ending C. Ending C.
Bad idea…
Ending D. Ending D.
Terrible idea!
The Monolith. The Monolith.
Harbinger of things to come…
Endless suffering. Endless suffering.
Challenge accepted
Absolute resolve! Absolute resolve!
Congratulations, well done!