Showdown Adventure Achievement List

First Blood First Blood
Defeat first monster.
Monster destroyer Monster destroyer
Defeat 25 monsters.
Fearless hunter Fearless hunter
Defeat 50 monsters
Bugs Hunter Bugs Hunter
Defeat Bug-Bros.
Witch Hunter Witch Hunter
Defeat Witch.
Plunderer Plunderer
Open a treasure chest.
Collectioner Collectioner
Collect 3 diamonds.
Saving up Saving up
Have 1000 gold.
Filthy Rich Filthy Rich
Have 10000 gold.
Necromancer Hunter Necromancer Hunter
Defeat Necromancer.
Boss of all Bosses Boss of all Bosses
Defeat Boss of all Bosses.
Homunculus Homunculus
Defeat Homunculus.
King Gimper King Gimper
Meet Gimper.
Mendzio Mendzio
Meet Mendzio.
Decard Decard
Meet Decard.
Isanu Isanu
Meet Isanu.
Oldman Oldman
Meet Oldman.
Rojson Rojson
Meet Rojson.
Nymph Nymph
Meet Nymph.
Snail Hunter Snail Hunter
Defeat Snail.
Polewacy Polewacy
Meet Polewacy.
Good ending Good ending
Stay on the island.
Bad ending Bad ending
Force Polewacy to give you diamond.
Signle steps Signle steps
Got a character to level 2.
Young hero Young hero
Got a character to level 5.
Mature hero Mature hero
Got a character to level 10.
Experienced hero Experienced hero
Got a character to level 15.
Rojson story Rojson story
Listen to the whole Rojson story.
Bile Bile
Give Mendzio bile.
Unidentified Object Unidentified Object
Give Decard unidentified object.
Mystic Delta Mystic Delta
Give Rojson mystic delta.
Relentless damages Relentless damages
Got a damage to over 150.
Pitiless damages Pitiless damages
Got a damage to over 250.
Ferocious damages Ferocious damages
Got a damage to over 350.
Tyrannical damages Tyrannical damages
Got a damage to over 550.
Sweet! Sweet!
Combo over 50x
SShowtime!! SShowtime!!
Combo over 100x
SSShowdown!!! SSShowdown!!!
Combo over 150x
Animal Killer Animal Killer
Kill 10 wild animals.