Shot In The Dark Achievement List

Shot In The Dark Shot In The Dark
You got Shot In The Dark!
Backstab Backstab
Knife someone for the first time.
Server Lord Server Lord
Host a server.
5 minutes at Judy's 5 minutes at Judy’s
Play in the Mark-E Jud-E’s map.
Where House? Where House?
Play in the Warehause map.
I'm on the grid! I’m on the grid!
Play in the Light Arena map.
Play in the Club Marq map.
Suits: A Business RPG Suits: A Business RPG
Play in the Office map.
Play in the Soccer Field.
Jackpot Jackpot
Play in the Casino map.
The Lobby The Lobby
Enter the lobby.
Pretty Decent Pretty Decent
Get 3 kills in one match.
Pretty Alright Pretty Alright
Get 6 kills in one match.
Pretty Godly Pretty Godly
Get 9 kills in one match.