Shoot 1UP Achievement List

Max Multiplier Max Multiplier
Kill an enemy with the best ship spread.
Precious Ships Precious Ships
Beat a non-Trek level without losing a ship
Ship Hoarder Ship Hoarder
Get thirty ships in single player
Peer Pressure Peer Pressure
Get sixty ships with two players
Score Fiend Score Fiend
Get 1,000,000 points in any game mode
Score Monger Score Monger
Get 10,000,000 points in any game mode
Scorehore Scorehore
Get 30,000,000 points in any game mode
Million Bucks Million Bucks
Get over a million points from a single enemy
Take It Easy Take It Easy
Complete Chilled Campaign
Out of Retirement Out of Retirement
Complete Normal Campaign
Love the Pain Love the Pain
Complete Serious Campaign
Round and Round Round and Round
Complete loop 5 in Score Trek
Conservative Killer Conservative Killer
Form the max Plasma Auger with only two ships
Robin's Egg Robin’s Egg
Beat a non-Trek campaign losing no ships
Trick Killer Trick Killer
50 kills in a single level using the shield
Score Trek Unlocked Score Trek Unlocked
Finish level 4 to unlock Score Trek mode
Ovoid Unlocked Ovoid Unlocked
Eat 2 pies on a single playthrough