Shonen Idle Z Achievement List

Welcome to Shonen Idle Z Welcome to Shonen Idle Z
Kill your first monster
Attack mastery I Attack mastery I
Get 100 K attack points
Attack mastery II Attack mastery II
Get 1 M attack points
Party time I Party time I
Get 1 party companion
Party time II Party time II
Get 2 party companions
Gold digger I Gold digger I
Collect 5 treasure chests
Gold digger II Gold digger II
Collect 10 treasure chests
Monster killer I Monster killer I
Kill 100 monsters
Monster killer II Monster killer II
Kill 1 K monsters
Monster killer III Monster killer III
Kill 10 K monsters
Monster leveler I Monster leveler I
Reach monster level 10
Monster leveler II Monster leveler II
Reach monster level 20
Monster leveler III Monster leveler III
Reach monster level 30
Boss destroyer I Boss destroyer I
Kill 5 bosses
Boss destroyer II Boss destroyer II
Kill 10 bosses
Boss destroyer III Boss destroyer III
Kill 50 bosses
Ki control I Ki control I
Gain 100 K global ki
Ki control II Ki control II
Gain 1 M global ki
Ki control III Ki control III
Gain 1 B global ki
Time master I Time master I
Play 1 day
Time master II Time master II
Play 3 days
Trainer I Trainer I
Have 100 training points
Trainer II Trainer II
Have 1000 training points
Trainer III Trainer III
Have 5 K training points
Clotherer I Clotherer I
Collect 3 clothes
Clotherer II Clotherer II
Collect 6 clothes
Friendly I Friendly I
Collect 3 pets
Friendly II Friendly II
Collect 6 pets
Prestigious I Prestigious I
Gain 5 shonen power
Prestigious II Prestigious II
Gain 10 shonen power
Collector I Collector I
Complete collection at 20%
The achiever I The achiever I
Complete all rank D missions
Like a boss I Like a boss I
Defeat the 10th boss
Attack mastery III Attack mastery III
Get 1 B attack points
Attack mastery IV Attack mastery IV
Get 1 T attack points
Party time III Party time III
Get 3 party companions
Party time IV Party time IV
Get 4 party companions
Gold digger III Gold digger III
Collect 15 treasure chests
Gold digger IV Gold digger IV
Collect 25 treasure chests
Monster killer IV Monster killer IV
Kill 100 K monsters
Monster killer V Monster killer V
Kill 250 K monsters
Monster killer VI Monster killer VI
Kill 500 K monsters
Monster leveler IV Monster leveler IV
Reach monster level 50
Monster leveler V Monster leveler V
Reach monster level 70
Monster leveler VI Monster leveler VI
Reach monster level 90
Boss destroyer IV Boss destroyer IV
Kill 100 bosses
Boss destroyer V Boss destroyer V
Kill 150 bosses
Boss destroyer VI Boss destroyer VI
Kill 200 bosses
Ki control IV Ki control IV
Gain 1 T global ki
Ki control V Ki control V
Gain 1 Qa global ki
Ki control VI Ki control VI
Gain 1 Qi global ki
Time master III Time master III
Play 1 week
Time master IV Time master IV
Play 2 weeks
Trainer IV Trainer IV
Have 10 K training points
Trainer V Trainer V
Have 20 K training points
Trainer VI Trainer VI
Have 30 K training points
Clotherer III Clotherer III
Collect 9 clothes
Clotherer IV Clotherer IV
Collect 12 clothes
Friendly III Friendly III
Collect 9 pets
Friendly IV Friendly IV
Collect 12 pets
Prestigious III Prestigious III
Gain 50 shonen power
Prestigious IV Prestigious IV
Gain 100 shonen power
Collector II Collector II
Complete collection at 40%
The achiever II The achiever II
Complete all rank C missions
Like a boss II Like a boss II
Defeat the 20th boss
Attack mastery V Attack mastery V
Get 1 Qa attack points
Attack mastery VI Attack mastery VI
Get 1 Qi attack points
Party time V Party time V
Get 5 party companions
Party time VI Party time VI
Get 6 party companions
Gold digger V Gold digger V
Collect 50 treasure chests
Gold digger VI Gold digger VI
Collect 75 treasure chests
Monster killer VII Monster killer VII
Kill 750 K monsters
Monster killer VIII Monster killer VIII
Kill 1 M monsters
Monster killer IX Monster killer IX
Kill 2 M monsters
Monster leveler VII Monster leveler VII
Reach monster level 120
Monster leveler VIII Monster leveler VIII
Reach monster level 150
Monster leveler IX Monster leveler IX
Reach monster level 180
Boss destroyer VII Boss destroyer VII
Kill 300 bosses
Boss destroyer VIII Boss destroyer VIII
Kill 400 bosses
Boss destroyer IX Boss destroyer IX
Kill 500 bosses
Ki control VII Ki control VII
Gain 1 Sx global ki
Ki control VIII Ki control VIII
Gain 1 Sp global ki
Ki control IX Ki control IX
Gain 1 Oc global ki
Time master V Time master V
Play 3 weeks
Time master VI Time master VI
Play 1 month
Trainer VII Trainer VII
Have 50 K training points
Trainer VIII Trainer VIII
Have 60 K training points
Trainer IX Trainer IX
Have 70 K training points
Clotherer V Clotherer V
Collect 15 clothes
Clotherer VI Clotherer VI
Collect 18 clothes
Friendly V Friendly V
Collect 15 pets
Friendly VI Friendly VI
Collect 18 pets
Prestigious V Prestigious V
Gain 150 shonen power
Prestigious VI Prestigious VI
Gain 250 shonen power
Collector III Collector III
Complete collection at 60%
The achiever III The achiever III
Complete all rank B missions
Like a boss III Like a boss III
Defeat the 30th boss
Attack mastery VII Attack mastery VII
Get 1 Sx attack points
Attack mastery VIII Attack mastery VIII
Get 1 Sp attack points
Party time VII Party time VII
Get 7 party companions
Party time VIII Party time VIII
Get 8 party companions
Gold digger VII Gold digger VII
Collect 100 treasure chests
Gold digger VIII Gold digger VIII
Collect 150 treasure chests
Monster killer X Monster killer X
Kill 3 M monsters
Monster killer XI Monster killer XI
Kill 4 M monsters
Monster killer XII Monster killer XII
Kill 5 M monsters
Monster leveler X Monster leveler X
Reach monster level 220
Monster leveler XI Monster leveler XI
Reach monster level 260
Monster leveler XII Monster leveler XII
Reach monster level 300
Boss destroyer X Boss destroyer X
Kill 650 bosses
Boss destroyer XI Boss destroyer XI
Kill 800 bosses
Boss destroyer XII Boss destroyer XII
Kill 950 bosses
Ki control X Ki control X
Gain 1 No global ki
Ki control XI Ki control XI
Gain 1 Dc global ki
Ki control XII Ki control XII
Gain 1 Ud global ki
Time master VII Time master VII
Play 2 months
Time master VIII Time master VIII
Play 3 months
Trainer X Trainer X
Have 80 K training points
Trainer XI Trainer XI
Have 90 K training points
Trainer XII Trainer XII
Have 100 K training points
Clotherer VII Clotherer VII
Collect 21 clothes
Clotherer VIII Clotherer VIII
Collect 24 clothes
Friendly VII Friendly VII
Collect 21 pets
Friendly VIII Friendly VIII
Collect 24 pets
Prestigious VII Prestigious VII
Gain 500 shonen power
Prestigious VIII Prestigious VIII
Gain 1000 shonen power
Collector IV Collector IV
Complete collection at 80%
The achiever IV The achiever IV
Complete all rank A missions
Like a boss IV Like a boss IV
Defeat the 40Th boss
Attack mastery IX Attack mastery IX
Get 1 Oc attack points
Attack mastery X Attack mastery X
Get 1 No attack points
Party time IX Party time IX
Get 9 party companions
Party time X Party time X
Get 10 party companions
Gold digger IX Gold digger IX
Collect 200 treasure chests
Gold digger X Gold digger X
Collect 300 treasure chests
Monster killer XIII Monster killer XIII
Kill 6 M monsters
Monster killer XIV Monster killer XIV
Kill 7 M monsters
Monster killer XV Monster killer XV
Kill 8 M monsters
Monster leveler XIII Monster leveler XIII
Reach monster level 350
Monster leveler XIV Monster leveler XIV
Reach monster level 400
Monster leveler XV Monster leveler XV
Reach monster level 450
Boss destroyer XIII Boss destroyer XIII
Kill 1100 bosses
Boss destroyer XIV Boss destroyer XIV
Kill 1250 bosses
Boss destroyer XV Boss destroyer XV
Kill 1500 bosses
Ki control XIII Ki control XIII
Gain 1 Dd global ki
Ki control XIV Ki control XIV
Gain 1 Td global ki
Ki control XV Ki control XV
Gain 1 QaD global ki
Time master IX Time master IX
Play 4 months
Time master X Time master X
Play 5 months
Trainer XIII Trainer XIII
Have 110 K training points
Trainer XIV Trainer XIV
Have 130 K training points
Trainer XV Trainer XV
Have 150 K training points
Clotherer IX Clotherer IX
Collect 27 clothes
Clotherer X Clotherer X
Collect 30 clothes
Friendly IX Friendly IX
Collect 27 pets
Friendly X Friendly X
Collect 30 pets
Prestigious IX Prestigious IX
Gain 1337 shonen power
Prestigious X Prestigious X
Gain 2500 shonen power
Collector V Collector V
Complete collection at 100%
The achiever V The achiever V
Complete all rank S missions