SHOCK TROOPERS Achievement List

Cook Cook
Complete a stage with full life
Noob Noob
Complete the game dying more than 40 times
Rambo Rambo
Use all the weapons
Team Team
Play with all characters
Grenade Grenade
Throw 100 grenades (2nd weapon)
Boom Boom
Throw 500 grenades (2nd weapon)
Need Power Need Power
Pick up 500 power ups
Call a friend Call a friend
Complete the game in multiplayer (local or online)
Big One Big One
Reach a score of 5 000 000
Lonly Wolf Lonly Wolf
Complete the game in “Lonly Wolf”
Team Battle Team Battle
Complete the game in “Team Battle”
Immortal Immortal
Complete a stage without dying ( “Lonly Wolf” )
Killer Killer
Kill 500 soldiers
Butcher Butcher
Kill 1000 soldiers
Super Gamer Super Gamer
Complete the game using less than 10 credits