Shmups Skill Test Achievement List

Tank A Master Tank A Master
Vroom vroom rumble rumble
Tank B Master Tank B Master
A miraculous tank series.
8bit Master 8bit Master
This is a nice track, isn’t it?
Building Dodge Master Building Dodge Master
In addition to flying cars, there are birds and balloons that fly, too.
Ball Dodge Master Ball Dodge Master
Bloop-bloop-bloop balls
Bullet Bullet Bullet A Master Bullet Bullet Bullet A Master
Bullet hell is nothing
Great! Great!
I know your secret. It’s that you’re great.
Screw-Up Screw-Up
You really screwed up…
Don't Let It Get Away! Don’t Let It Get Away!
Break them all, without letting them get away! Reach Level 99! That board is nothing.
Bomb Disposal Squad Bomb Disposal Squad
Perfect time-limit bombing
Saw It Through! Saw It Through!
You saw it through!
Surprisingly Impressive! Surprisingly Impressive!
That’s actually the harder option.
Rare Game Rare Game
You got quizzed
Cheers To Me! Cheers To Me!
You saved the earth
Get the Red Master Get the Red Master
When you abbreviate Item Master…
Hold Out! Master Hold Out! Master
That’s what Hold Out is all about
Nice Bomb! Nice Bomb!
Nice bombing
Game Over Game Over
These things happen
You're Young You’re Young
Thank you very young!
All Games Unlocked All Games Unlocked
Now the real game begins!
Shooting Love. Shooting Love.
I haven’t given up on love yet!
Side-Scrolling Love. Side-Scrolling Love.
Side-scrolling shooters in horizontal mode! (Be careful, since turning a regular TV on its side is a fire hazard! Use a special monitor!)
Long Time No See Long Time No See
Playing every once in a while, you sometimes find new appeal to games. Try playing with a fresh start!