Shipwreck Achievement List

Armed and Ready Armed and Ready
You got the sword.
Protection Protection
You got the shield.
Long Range Long Range
You got the bow.
Light in the Dark Light in the Dark
You got the lantern.
Rock Breaker Rock Breaker
You got the pickaxe.
Seal of Life Seal of Life
You got the Seal of Life.
Seal of Earth Seal of Earth
You got the Seal of Earth.
Seal of Water Seal of Water
You got the Seal of Water.
Seal of Time Seal of Time
You got the Seal of Time.
Hero of the Island Hero of the Island
You saved the island from the storms.
You're on a Boat You’re on a Boat
You left the island for home.
Full of Heart Full of Heart
You found all big hearts.
Completionist Completionist
You got 100% complete.
Consolation Consolation
You only got one coin, but you also got this achievement.