Shiny Achievement List

First Go Around First Go Around
Complete Level 1
Mine Your Own Business Mine Your Own Business
Complete Level 2
Junkyard Junkyard
Complete Level 3
Rock Me Baby Rock Me Baby
Complete Level 4
High On The Rocks High On The Rocks
Complete Level 5
Purple Cliff Purple Cliff
Complete Level 6
Box and Ship It Box and Ship It
Complete Level 7
Burn, Baby, Burn Burn, Baby, Burn
Complete Level 8
Take To The Press Take To The Press
Complete Level 9
Total Meltdown Total Meltdown
Complete Level 10
Salty Salty
Complete Level 11
Potemkin Potemkin
Complete Level 12
No Jaws No Jaws
Completed Level 13
To Infinity And Beyond To Infinity And Beyond
Complete Level 14
Fly Like An Eagle Fly Like An Eagle
Complete Level 15
Concrete Jungle Concrete Jungle
Complete Level 16
Streets of Robots Streets of Robots
Complete Level 17
The Odd Level The Odd Level
Complete Level 18
Count Down To Extinction Count Down To Extinction
Complete Level 19
The Man Comes Around The Man Comes Around
Complete Level 20
Who Wants To Live Forever Who Wants To Live Forever
Finish the Game!
Famiglia Famiglia
Save 20% of all Robots
Hero Hero
Save 50% of all Robots
Savior Savior
Save 70% of all Robots
Messiah Messiah
Save all of the Robots!
Who Could It Be? Who Could It Be?
Complete a Level without dying
Go Ahead and Jump Go Ahead and Jump
Jump 750 times!
Bubble Boy Bubble Boy
Use the Power Sphere 50 times
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
Use the Special ability 20 times
Cool Head Cool Head
Use the Temperature Regulator 150 times
Joy The Ride Joy The Ride
Fly with the Jet Pack for 10 seconds in a row
I Love Lucy I Love Lucy
Save Lucy!
My name is Giorgio My name is Giorgio
Save Giorgio!
Call Me Bruce Call Me Bruce
Save Bruce!
Gobe with a G Gobe with a G
Save Gobe!
2 Percenter 2 Percenter
Almost die from lack of energy but save yourself activating a generator
Hot Tempered Hot Tempered
Stay at least 20 seconds with your temperature above 70%
Pitfalling Pitfalling
Die 50 times from falling
Batter Up Batter Up
Get hit 50 times by fans
Under My Thumb Under My Thumb
Die 10 times from getting crushed by pistons
Check Your Batteries Check Your Batteries
Die 20 times from lack of energy
Disco Inferno Disco Inferno
Die 5 times from being too hot! And you know it…
Lazy Lazy
Collect 20% of all batteries in Aurora
Maniac Maniac
Collect 50% of all batteries in Aurora
Syco Syco
Collect 70% of all batteries in Aurora
Collect all of the batteries in Aurora! Oh yeah! And then, go see a doctor!
Hidden Achievement
42 42
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Hidden Achievement
Glitch Glitch
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hidden Achievement
It's Over, Go Home It’s Over, Go Home
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