Shiny Gauntlet Achievement List

Mine! Mine!
Collect the shard for the first time
Butter Fingers! Butter Fingers!
Drop the shard for the first time
No Take Backs! No Take Backs!
Pick back up the shard after dropping it for the first time
The Strongest The Strongest
Get greater than 50 STR
The Toughest The Toughest
Get greater than 50 DEF
The Luckiest The Luckiest
Get greater than 50 LUCK
The Deadily Strike The Deadily Strike
Get greater than 50 CRIT
The Fastest The Fastest
Die Cultists! Die Cultists!
Kill 200 cultists enemies
Stay Dead! Stay Dead!
Kill 200 undead enemies
Anti-Green Thumb Anti-Green Thumb
Kill 200 flytrap enemies
De-Constructor De-Constructor
Kill 200 contruct enemies
Skull Throne Skull Throne
Kill 200 skull person enemies
Yer A Wizard Yer A Wizard
Complete Story Mode with a Mage Class
For Glory For Glory
Complete Story Mode with a Warrior Class
Thy Will be Done Thy Will be Done
Complete Story Mode with a Priest Class
Sneaky Sneaky Stabby Stabby Sneaky Sneaky Stabby Stabby
Complete Story Mode with a Thief Class
Pew Pew Pew Pew
Complete Story Mode with a Archer Class
Excavate Excavate
Unlock an Artifact
It Goes On and On... It Goes On and On…
Play Endless Mode
A New Challenger! A New Challenger!
Play Challenge Mode
Bottle em' All Bottle em’ All
Bottle 50 items
Thank You For Shopping! Thank You For Shopping!
Unlock a Ring with a Shard
Patience is a Virtue Patience is a Virtue
Unlock a Red Chest
Curios Curio Curios Curio
Open 50 or more chests
The Shiny-est The Shiny-est
Have a total of 100 shards at once