Sheltered Achievement List

Day Tripper Day Tripper
Travel 100 miles (cumulatively) on the map
Getting Comfy Getting Comfy
Survive a week
True Survivor True Survivor
Survive 100 days
Well Travelled Well Travelled
Travel 500 miles (cumulatively) on the map
Globetrotter Globetrotter
Travel 1000 miles (cumulatively) on the map
Relic Hunter Relic Hunter
Search 200 locations (cumulatively)
Handyman Handyman
Craft your first object/item
Tooled Up Tooled Up
Collect all 10 tools (on a single game)
Subdue an enemy in combat
Gunslinger Gunslinger
Win combat using a gun
Tinkerer Tinkerer
Upgrade a system once
Push It To The Limit Push It To The Limit
Fully upgrade a system
I'm Giving You All She's Got I’m Giving You All She’s Got
Fully upgrade all systems
Hunter Gatherer Hunter Gatherer
Trap an animal on the shelter surface
Fat of The Land Fat of The Land
Trap 100 animals on the shelter surface (cumulatively)
Green Fingers Green Fingers
Grow and harvest a plant from the plant station
Botanist Botanist
Have 5 or more plant stations in the shelter
Grease Monkey Grease Monkey
Take the RV out on an expedition