Shattered Planet Achievement List

Laws of Gravity Laws of Gravity
You fell off the world.
Now Dasher, Now Dancer Now Dasher, Now Dancer
You leaped with the greatest of ease.
From Orbit From Orbit
You shattered the planet.
Exothermic Reaction Exothermic Reaction
You collapsed into a pile of ash.
Heart of Darkness Heart of Darkness
You were devoured by the Blight.
Dissolved Dissolved
You melted into a pile of goo.
Frozen Frozen
You were crystallized. Let it go.
Bone Desert Bone Desert
You reached the Bone Desert.
Forgotten Labs Forgotten Labs
You reached the Forgotten Labs
Contaminaria Contaminaria
You reached Contaminaria.
Tropics Tropics
You reached the Tropics.
Dark Core Dark Core
You reached the Dark Core.
Conqueror Conqueror
Completed the Daily Challenge!
Cult Leader Cult Leader
You inspired a true believer.
Cosmic Horror Cosmic Horror
You saw what lies beneath the mask.
Viva La Revolucion Viva La Revolucion
You rebelled against your worm overlords.
Post-Mortem Romance Post-Mortem Romance
You got a smooch after death.
Gotta Catch Em All Gotta Catch Em All
You raised a creature from an egg.
As Above So Below As Above So Below
You saw your inner darkness.
Chlorophilia Chlorophilia
You befriended a carnivorous plant.
Beast Tamer Beast Tamer
You befriended a wild nest guardian.
Pack Leader Pack Leader
You befriended a wild hatchling.
Re-programmer Re-programmer
You befriended a murderous robot.
Man o' Peace Man o’ Peace
You befriended a cosmic jellyfish.
Spawning Ground Spawning Ground
You found a massive nest in the desert.
Graveyard Graveyard
You found a tribal mutant graveyard.
Lost in Space Lost in Space
You found a maze of locked doors.
Apocalyptic Apocalyptic
You found a bleak wasteland.
For Science For Science
You found a research facility.
Shellshocked Shellshocked
You found a field of unexploded ordnances.
Reconstituted Reconstituted
You reached 20 teleporters.
Jumpmaster Jumpmaster
You reached 100 teleporters.
No Need for Walking No Need for Walking
You reached 1000 teleporters.
Strong Strong
You reached a Strength of 20.
Witty Witty
You reached a Wits of 20.
Power Lifter Power Lifter
You reached a Strength of 40.
Prescient Prescient
You reached a Wits of 40.
Mighty Mighty
You reached a Strength of 80.
Cunning Cunning
You reached a Wits of 80.
Pest Control Pest Control
You killed 10 Crablets.
Crab Stomper Crab Stomper
You killed 100 Crablets.
Crab Menace Crab Menace
You killed 1000 Crablets.
Enemy of Crabkind Enemy of Crabkind
You killed 10000 Crablets.
Nest Raider Nest Raider
You killed 10 Hatchlings & Nest Guardians.
Nest Marauder Nest Marauder
You killed 100 Hatchlings & Nest Guardians.
Evolutionary Aid Evolutionary Aid
You killed 1000 Hatchlings & Nest Guardians
Hacker Hacker
You killed 10 Robots & Turrets
Fragger Fragger
You killed 100 Robots & Turrets
Cassius Chrome Cassius Chrome
You killed 1000 Robots & Turrets
Weed Whacker Weed Whacker
You killed 10 Plants
Weed Smacker Weed Smacker
You killed 100 Plants
Agent Orange Agent Orange
You killed 1000 Plants
Cleanser Cleanser
You killed 10 Blight Monsters.
Purifier Purifier
You killed 100 Blight Monsters.
Champion of Light Champion of Light
You killed 1000 Blight Monsters.
Great Purifier Great Purifier
You killed 10000 Blight Monsters.
Tourist Tourist
You survived until Distance 5!
Explorer Explorer
You survived until Distance 10!
Survivalist Survivalist
You survived until Distance 15!
Pathfinder Pathfinder
You survived until Distance 20!
Sherpa Sherpa
You survived until Distance 25!
Research Level 2 Research Level 2
You reached Research Level 2!
Research Level 5 Research Level 5
You reached Research Level 5!
Research Level 10 Research Level 10
You reached Research Level 10!
Research Level 15 Research Level 15
You reached Research Level 15!
Research Level 20 Research Level 20
You reached Research Level 20!
Datalog Challenge Datalog Challenge
Completed the Datalog Challenge!
Signal Challenge Signal Challenge
Completed the Signal Challenge!
Old Blood Challenge Old Blood Challenge
Completed the Old Blood Challenge!