Shardlight Achievement List

Disarmed Disarmed
Properly disposed of the severed arm.
Order Order
You maintained the status quo.
Chaos Chaos
Tip your hat to the new revolution.
Free Will Free Will
An age of uncertainty, but of happiness.
Mercy Kill Mercy Kill
You couldn’t let a friend suffer.
The Light Shines On The Light Shines On
You completed the game.
More Than You Ever Wanted To Know More Than You Ever Wanted To Know
Played through the game with commentary.
The Perfect Life The Perfect Life
Said the code phrase to everyone.
Educated Educated
You’re the most well-read person around.
Child At Heart Child At Heart
You’re never too old to have fun.
Hat Trick Hat Trick
Gain Jess’s trust.
Cat Got Your Tongue? Cat Got Your Tongue?
Figure out why the rebel doesn’t speak.
Everyone's A Critic Everyone’s A Critic
Gus doesn’t know art, but he knows what he hates.
Smartass Smartass
Listen to every single comment Denby makes inside the factory.
Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth
Tasty, but think of your triglycerides!
Selfless Selfless
You don’t mind being poked and prodded.
Chalk It Up To Kindness Chalk It Up To Kindness
Don’t encourage him.
Stay Within The Lines Stay Within The Lines
You drew the symbol correctly on the first try.
Max Soupa Max Soupa
Nothing like a nice hot meal.