Shadows on the Vatican – Act II: Wrath Achievement List

Very appropriate, you fight like a priest Very appropriate, you fight like a priest
Get rid of James by using no wrong answers.
Lazy Killer Lazy Killer
Open the car trunk as lazy people do.
Silvia the Goa’uld Silvia the Goa’uld
Try camouflaging your voice to trick a thug.
Queen of the shadows Queen of the shadows
Get rid of all the thugs guarding the Raja.
Fifth Commandment Fifth Commandment
Commit murder.
Now I am an adventure hero Now I am an adventure hero
An adventure game with no crowbars? Make one!
Chamomile needed Chamomile needed
Hit someone five times in a row just because you can.
Ladies First Ladies First
Can’t get enough of playing with Silvia, huh?
True Detective True Detective
Complete James actions first.
Action Addict Action Addict
Complete Silvia actions first.
Cocktail Master Cocktail Master
Get the anti-hangover preparation right on first try
Old School Adventurer Old School Adventurer
Playing with pen and paper on your side?
Seduction Failure Seduction Failure
That’s not going to work with him.
No shortcuts No shortcuts
We understand you, but better avoid violence if possible!
To the rescue! To the rescue!
Find out where Silvia is taken captive.
Desperate attempt Desperate attempt
Sorry, this is not your tv’s default PIN.
Copy Paster Copy Paster
Nice try, but wrong!
Team Play Team Play
Wasn’t “team” the best path of the three?
Tomb Raiders Tomb Raiders
Complete Shadows on the Vatican Act II.
Dialogue Lover Dialogue Lover
Complete the adventure with dialogue skipping disabled.
Hidden Achievement
Cheater Cheater
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