Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Achievement List

I Command Thee! I Command Thee!
Unlock the Ishkai Sniper soul.
Devourer of Puppets Devourer of Puppets
Unlock 8 puppets in one play through.
Raid the Imperial Tombs Raid the Imperial Tombs
Learn the secret of Evia’s death.
Regain the Guild Regain the Guild
Return Kalig to the head of the Guild of Steel with at least one of the original mercenaries surviving.
Restore house Malfagon Restore house Malfagon
Have an old friend rescue House Malfagon from its enemies – and its own ambition.
Veteran's Day Veteran’s Day
Avoid fighting the Werewolf Berserkers.
The Great Escape The Great Escape
Successfully escape Thole.
To be continued... To be continued…
Complete Book One.
Relics of the Fallen Relics of the Fallen
Activate All Cenotaphs.
Arachnophobia Arachnophobia
Defeat the Aphotic Spider Queen and her minions.
Catch This! Catch This!
Defeat the Scorpion King.
The Lord of Suffering The Lord of Suffering
Acquire the Reaper sword.
Novice Novice
Reach level 10.
Skilled Skilled
Reach level 20.
Mastered Mastered
Reach level 30.
First Day First Day
Earn second level
Specialist Specialist
Max out one of your skills with any puppet.
Zaar gets Lucky! Zaar gets Lucky!
Have Zaar fulfill his most fervent desire.