Shadow of Nebula Achievement List

Lucky man Lucky man
Escape from your ship.
Technology master Technology master
Acquire six technology entries in your info cube.
World master World master
Get all world entries in your info cube.
Diary master Diary master
Get all diary entries in your info cube.
Pixel hunter Pixel hunter
Repair the ship without using spacebar to highlight hotspots on the screen.
Speaker Speaker
Talk with everyone.
Crazy clicker Crazy clicker
Click 1500 times during gameplay.
Inquisitive guy Inquisitive guy
Did Shila told you everything besides tips?
Expert Expert
Don’t ask Shila about any tips.
Mechanic Mechanic
Repair the ship.
Digital woodsman Digital woodsman
Don’t use map in digital forest while searching for six source code parts.
Cyber Hacker Cyber Hacker
Get the address of the cyber room.
Burglar Burglar
Break into the storeroom.
Programmer Programmer
Repair Mr. Forest.
Miner Miner
Go into the mine.