Seraph Achievement List

Lieutenant Lieutenant
Slay a Lieutenant of Terminus.
Vandal Vandal
Destroy a Fountain of Terminus.
Enhanced Enhanced
Kill an ‘enhanced’ Elite (Bloody, Tainted, Dark).
Herald Herald
Kill the Herald.
Daemonsight Daemonsight
Unlock Daemonsight through Transmutation
Transmutation Transmutation
Unlock a weapon, Ward or Miracle through Transmutation
Shard Shard
Attach a Shard to an Oath.
Challenger Challenger
Score among the top 75% on a Daily challenge.
Reader Reader
Collect 25 story logs.
Miracle Miracle
Equip a Miracle other than Orb or Repel.
Survivor Survivor
Post a score in Survival mode
Impact Impact
Kill 50 enemies under the influence of the Double Damage Orb
Arsenal Arsenal
Transmute the MKII version of each weapon.
Murder Murder
Kill 88 Daemons.
Kingslayer Kingslayer
Defeat the final threat to Seraph.
Hardened Hardened
Kill the Herald at difficulty 6.0 and above.
Dominator Dominator
Score among the top 25% on a Daily challenge.
Collector Collector
Collect 50 story logs.
Librarian Librarian
Collect 75 story logs.
Mastercrafted Mastercrafted
Transmute a MK4 weapon.
Evasion Evasion
Reach 6 pips on the difficulty meter.
Blessed Blessed
Upgrade a Blessing to rank 5.
Skilled Skilled
Reach difficulty 8.0 in Survival or New Game.
Slaughter Slaughter
Kill 888 Daemons.
Genocide Genocide
Kill 8,888 Daemons.
Masterful Masterful
Reach difficulty 9.0 in Survival or New Game.
Champion Champion
Score among the top 10% on a Daily challenge.
Arteos Arteos
Obtain a Supreme Shard.
Godslayer Godslayer
Defeat the final threat to Seraph at difficulty 8.0 and above.
Rebirth Rebirth
Seraph is reborn.