Selma and the Wisp Achievement List

Sunset stroll! Sunset stroll!
You’ve just crossed paths the Deer!
Level 1 Finished Level 1 Finished
You have just finished your first lvl! Congrats!
Level 2 Finished Level 2 Finished
Great! You’ve just finished Level 2
Level 3 Finished Level 3 Finished
Amazing you’re on a roll! 3 levels conquered and counting!
Level 4 Finished Level 4 Finished
You have just finished 4 level! Congrats!
Level 5 Finished Level 5 Finished
You have just finished 5 level! Congrats!
 Level 6 Finished Level 6 Finished
You have just finished 6 level! Congrats!
Level 7 Finished Level 7 Finished
You have just finished 7 level! Congrats!
 Level 8 Finished Level 8 Finished
You have just finished 8 level! Congrats!
 Level 9 Finished Level 9 Finished
You have just finished 9 level! Congrats!
Final Level Finished Final Level Finished
You have just completed the game! Wait… what?! You’ve lost the wisp? I’m sorry – you have to start over! No biggie, right..? ;>
Owl awakening Owl awakening
Don’t fall asleep in the forest
Lost in the spiral of life Lost in the spiral of life
You reached a center of a secret spiral
Mole friend Mole friend
Nice! You fed a mole
Secret chamber Secret chamber
Congrats! You discovered a secret chamber!
Destroyer Destroyer
Explosion everywhere!
Sleep my little baby Sleep my little baby
Unknown child soul can now rest in peace
Birds feeder Birds feeder
Eat birds, eat!
Received call Received call
Who’s there? Hello…
Where is a turtle? Where is a turtle?
What kind of turtle lives in a canal?
Marylin Monroe Marylin Monroe
Great photo with Marylin Monroe!
Lost in the tower Lost in the tower
How to get out of here?
Roller Coaster Expert Roller Coaster Expert
Ultimate controll over during roller coaster ride
Gypsy fireplace Gypsy fireplace
You made a fireplace for the gypsies! Congrats!
Explorer Explorer
Are you going somewhere? Try other direction
Retro chamber Retro chamber
Sercter retro chamber discovered