SEEP Universe Achievement List

World 1 Complete World 1 Complete
The Earth is saved!
World 2 Complete World 2 Complete
The Fantasy World is saved!
World 3 Complete World 3 Complete
The Sci-Fi World is saved!
World 4 Complete World 4 Complete
The Horror World is saved!
SEEP Shooter complete SEEP Shooter complete
New record for the best arcade game!
Game complete Game complete
Oh yeah, good job!
Good Father Good Father
Mario card is unlocked!
Tutorial Complete Tutorial Complete
You’re ready!
Secret Stage Secret Stage
Choose your path!
Thank you Thank you
Thank you for playing SEEP Universe!
Scrap Metal Scrap Metal
Destroy a car…
Try Again Noob Try Again Noob
Oh no… game over!
Change Team Change Team
Switch Sergio and Enrico
Coffee Time Coffee Time
Relax time in the SEEP Bar!
Vampire Hunter Vampire Hunter
Kill a vampire
The Liberator The Liberator
Abducted is free!
Ninjitsu Ninjitsu
Unlock the Kunoichi’s card.
Archaeologist Archaeologist
Discovered the secret of Dendera Light
The Exorcist The Exorcist
Purifies a church
Rise From Your Grave Rise From Your Grave
A skeleton in your way!
Fridge Fridge
Keep 12 slots to Magic Ice
Kamikaze Kamikaze
Kill yourself with a bomb to the glory of achievements
 Joysticks Hunter Joysticks Hunter
Collect 100 joysticks in the Story Mode
Beginner Beginner
Reach the score 50.000+ in the Story Mode
Expert Expert
Reach the score 100.000+ in the Story Mode
Top Player Top Player
Reach the score 250.000+ in the Story Mode
 Cat has 7 lives Cat has 7 lives
Keep 7 lives in the Story Mode
Business Man Business Man
Keep 100 SEEP Coins.
Well-off Well-off
Keep 200 SEEP Coins.
Rich Rich
Keep 400 SEEP Coins.
Dragon Climax Dragon Climax
Beat the level: “North Town”
The Irish Spirit The Irish Spirit
Collect 50 Four-leaf clovers.