Sector Six Achievement List

Aegis Aegis
Finish escort with 30 or more escorted ship armour remaining
Swarmling purge Swarmling purge
Destroy 1000 swarmlings
Seeker slayer Seeker slayer
Destroy an armoured colony seeker
Full potential Full potential
Unleash an ability
Lucky Lucky
Find a part by destroying ruins
Advanced enemy Advanced enemy
Destroy a veteran
Demolisher Demolisher
Demolish 500 ruins
Extant Extant
Add extant part to your spaceship
Mythical Mythical
Add a mythical part to your spaceship
Etalon Etalon
Add etalon to your spaceship
Experienced Experienced
Reach level 10
Veteran Veteran
Reach level 20
Ace Ace
Reach level 30
Hero Hero
Reach level 40
Legend Legend
Reach level 50
Ultimate Destroyer Ultimate Destroyer
Destroy 30 bosses
Savior Savior
Secure 15 regions
Registered Registered
Name your ship
Cancel the funeral Cancel the funeral
Finish a mission with 1% armour left and an empty alloy container
New beginning New beginning
Resurrect region