Secrets of Deep Earth Shrine Achievement List

Journey Begins Journey Begins
You’ve begun the long dig.
Your New Home Your New Home
You found your new homebase. Get used to it!
Your First Amulet Your First Amulet
You found an amulet – the first of many.
Powering Up Powering Up
You bought your first drill upgrade!
Fossilized Fossilized
You collected 5 ancient fossils!
Walk Like an Egyptian Walk Like an Egyptian
You collected 10 Osirium jewels!
Filthy Rich Filthy Rich
You collected 100 resources.
Hidden Dangers Hidden Dangers
You armed yourself with your first new trap. Locked and loaded!
Fully Equipped Fully Equipped
You’re ready for even the deepest expedition!
Getting Deep Getting Deep
You’ve dug a long way, but there’s still a lot further to go.
A New (Old) World A New (Old) World
You’ve broken through to an ancient kingdom…
Deep Enough to Drown Deep Enough to Drown
You’re underwater. Strangely enough, you can still breathe…
Beat the Game Beat the Game
You found all the buried treasure. We dig your style!
A Miner Milestone A Miner Milestone
You’ve dug over 1,000 blocks: more than any man or mole alive!
In Cold Blood In Cold Blood
You killed a monster. You monster!
Neither Stone Nor Flesh Neither Stone Nor Flesh
10 monsters killed. They would fear you, if they had brains.
Terror of the Deeps Terror of the Deeps
50 monsters killed. You know you can just avoid them, right?
Defeated a Molegra Defeated a Molegra
Bards would sing your epic, if they existed underground.
Drained Batteries Drained Batteries
You barely made it out of a strata alive.
Taking It Easy Taking It Easy
You made it through a strata with nearly full batteries.
Empty Batteries Empty Batteries
You ran out of energy! It’ll be hard to escape now…
Feeling Crushed Feeling Crushed
You got smashed by a falling block. Look out above!
Blown Away Blown Away
Protip: don’t stand in the way of an explosion.
A Grisly End A Grisly End
A monster killed you. Try killing them first!
Great Listener Great Listener
Wild guess: you like playing BioWare games, too.