Screencheat Achievement List

I am the Lizard King I am the Lizard King
Kill 5 Opponents from on top of the dinosaur in the Museum
Truly MLG Truly MLG
Stay in one place in the Garden for 1 minute
Sky Captain Sky Captain
Kill 1 opponent from each coloured area in Helix
Lord of the Manor Lord of the Manor
Kill an Opponent inside a vent on the Manor
Thrill Seeker Thrill Seeker
Spend 10 seconds off the ground without dying on Holy Mountain
Life of the party Life of the party
Play 20 rounds in a row in Party Mode
One Shot X Kills One Shot X Kills
Get a multi-kill in One Shot
Master Sleuth Master Sleuth
Win a round of Murder Mystery without being killed
Can't have that Can’t have that
Kill someone in the hill when they have 1 second to win
You'll have a ball You’ll have a ball
Get a quad kill or more with a single Chefolet ball
Speed Demon Speed Demon
Spend over 75% of a round charging with the Hobby Horse
This is my Raifu, this is my Gun This is my Raifu, this is my Gun
Get 4 kills without reloading the Revolver Rifle
Flanking Maneuver Flanking Maneuver
Kill 3 opponents from behind with the Candelabra
Bombardment Bombardment
Fire 50 grenades in Hill Campers and win
Play a perfect round of deathmatch with the Blunderbuss
Expert Fisherman Expert Fisherman
Harpoon 2 players in one shot with the Trappeur
Not Bearied Yet! Not Bearied Yet!
Get a multi-kill from beyond the grave with the Bearbomb
Shafted Shafted
Get a mutli-kill with a projectile weapon through a vent
Danger Close Danger Close
Get a quad-kill including yourself
The Spice Must Flow The Spice Must Flow
Get 1 kill with each weapon in a round
The Real Experience The Real Experience
Play 5 games with 4 local players
Surfin' the USSR Surfin’ the USSR
Kill 5 players from the moving platforms on Steeple
Saltans Bane Saltans Bane
Get 3 kills whilst bouncing on the floating cushions on Emir
Lighting Climb Lighting Climb
Win a round on Ascension in less than 30 seconds with the default mode settings
Grim Return Grim Return
Get a double kill with a returning Sörgeån
Just Getting Started Just Getting Started
Reach level 5
Amateur Cheater Amateur Cheater
Reach level 25
Journeyman Cheater Journeyman Cheater
Reach level 50
I see you I see you
Kill an opponent through multiple objects with the wall_Hacker
Motion Sickness Motion Sickness
Kill an opponent inside the center tunnel on Loop
Patience Patience
Win a round without ever missing a shot on Temple
Bronze Age Bronze Age
Get a Bronze medal or higher on all training missions.
Silver Century Silver Century
Get a Silver medal or higher on all training missions.
Gold Class Gold Class
Get a Gold medal on all training missions.