SCORE Achievement List

Legend City Legend City
Welcome to Legend City.
Deep Pockets Deep Pockets
Have 100,000 cash.
Wealthy Wealthy
Have 250,000 cash.
Stinking rich Stinking rich
Have 500,000 cash.
Gunslinger Gunslinger
Kill 50 people with a gunshot.
Sharp Shooter Sharp Shooter
Kill 200 people with a gunshot.
Assassin Assassin
Kill 500 people with a gunshot.
Pick Pocket Pick Pocket
Get away with 10 robber.
Burglar Burglar
Get away with 25 robberies.
Crook Crook
Get away with 50 robberies.
Master Thief Master Thief
Get away with 100 robberies.
Robber Robber
Steal over 50,000 cash.
Protector Protector
Stop 10 crimes.
Defender Defender
Stop 35 crimes.
Saviour Saviour
Stop 100 crimes.
Butcher Butcher
Kill 25 people with a knife attack.
Slayer Slayer
Kill 100 people with a single shot.
Executioner Executioner
Kill 150 people with a head shot.
Eliminator Eliminator
Kill 500 people in total.
Medic Medic
Save 10 people’s lives.
Healer Healer
Save 25 people’s lives
Surgeon Surgeon
Save 100 people’s lives.
Writer Writer
Complete your first article.
Journalist Journalist
Complete 15 articles.
Drug Dealer Drug Dealer
Make your first deal.
Clientele Clientele
Gain 10 different clients.
Drug lord Drug lord
Complete 50 drug deals.
Mafia Mafia
Become part of the Mafia.
Infiltration Infiltration
Gain the trust of a law enforcement agency.
Empire Empire
Employ ten drug dealers.
Firefighter Firefighter
Put out your first fire.
Extinguisher Extinguisher
Put out 20 fires.
Rescuer Rescuer
Save 25 people from burning buildings.
Cat lover Cat lover
Rescue 10 cats from trees.
Gambler Gambler
Visit the casino.
Beggar Beggar
Loose 50,000 cash gambolling.
Bum Bum
Loose 10,000 cash gambolling.
Card Ace Card Ace
Win 50,000 cash gambolling.
Casino Champion Casino Champion
Win 100,000 cash gambolling.
Winning Streak Winning Streak
Win 10 games in a row.
Luck of the Irish Luck of the Irish
Win 25 games in a row.
Fortune Favours the Brave Fortune Favours the Brave
Bet over 25,000 in a single bet at the casino.
Consistent Failure Consistent Failure
Lose 10 games in a row.
Play Ball Play Ball
Compete in one football match.
Referee!!! Referee!!!
Foul one player during a football match.
Foul Play Foul Play
Make 25 different fouls.
Yellow Card Yellow Card
Get your first yellow card.
Yellow Deck Yellow Deck
Get 52 yellow cards.
Red Card Red Card
Get your first red card.
Red Deck Red Deck
Get 52 red cards.
Score! Score!
Score your first goal.
Score Champion Score Champion
Score over 50 goals.
Undefeated champion Undefeated champion
Win 15 games in a row.
Loose Cannon Loose Cannon
Kick the ball out 10 times.
Team Player Team Player
Pass the ball 50 times.
Assister Assister
Assist in 15 goals.
First Steps First Steps
create a character for in game use.
Marathon runner Marathon runner
Take over 50,000 steps.
Sunday Driver Sunday Driver
Cruise around in a car for 5 minutes.
Homeowner Homeowner
Buy a house.
Car Owner Car Owner
Buy a car.
Automobile Dealer Automobile Dealer
Buy or sell 10 cars.
Swimmer Swimmer
Go for a swim.
Scuba Diver Scuba Diver
Spend more than 2 minutes in the water.
Treasure hunter Treasure hunter
Pick up more than 25,000 cash.