School of Dragons: How to Train Your Dragon Achievement List

Beautiful Friendship Beautiful Friendship
Make 1 friend.
Meeting Schoolmates Meeting Schoolmates
Make 50 friends.
Taking the Lead Taking the Lead
Create your own Clan.
All Together Now All Together Now
Join a Clan.
Hanging Out Together Hanging Out Together
Visit a friend for the first time.
Social Butterfly Social Butterfly
Visit 40 different friends.
Friendly Farmer Friendly Farmer
Visit 40 different farms.
Fire Starter Fire Starter
Play Fireball Frenzy for the first time.
Fireball Leader Fireball Leader
Play Fireball Frenzy 40 times.
Meatlug's Friend Meatlug’s Friend
Get an A+ on 3 Meatlug lessons.
Tunnel Flyer Tunnel Flyer
Get an A+ on 3 Groundsplitter lessons.
Toothless and Friends Toothless and Friends
Get an A+ on 5 Night Fury lessons.
Learn to Fly Learn to Fly
Complete a Flight Club lesson for the first time.
Top of the Class Top of the Class
Get an A+ in Flight Club.
Promising Racer Promising Racer
Play single player Thunder Run Racing for the first time.
The Rules of Flight Club The Rules of Flight Club
Complete 25 different Flight Club lessons.
Steady Dragon Rider Steady Dragon Rider
Get 25 A+’s in Flight Club.
Marvelous Racer Marvelous Racer
Play single player Thunder Run Racing 50 times.
Incredible Victor Incredible Victor
Get First Place in a Thunder Run race 30 times.
Farm Improvement Farm Improvement
Buy 50 decorations for your farm.
Crazy for Dragon Nip Crazy for Dragon Nip
Harvest 100 dragon nip.
Maize Madness Maize Madness
Harvest corn 150 times.
Amateur Angler Amateur Angler
Catch a fish for the first time.
Dragon Flame Challenger Dragon Flame Challenger
Win your first challenge.
Flying with Toothless Flying with Toothless
Fly with Toothless.
They're Great Pumpkins They’re Great Pumpkins
Harvest 300 pumpkins.
Sheep Shaver Sheep Shaver
Shear sheep 100 times.
Cool Black Wool Cool Black Wool
Shear black sheep 100 times.
Eggs-pert Farmer Eggs-pert Farmer
Collect 300 chicken eggs.
Amazing Angler Amazing Angler
Catch 250 fish.
Super Salmon Super Salmon
Catch 100 salmon.
Reel Real Eels Reel Real Eels
Catch 100 eel.
Fishy Treats Fishy Treats
Feed your dragon 100 fish.
Dragon Love Dragon Love
Play with your dragon 75 times.
Know Your Vikings Know Your Vikings
Visit 50 different Vikings’ About Me pages.
Nidhogg's Strength Nidhogg’s Strength
Win 50 challenges.
Dawn of the Racers Dawn of the Racers
Collect 60 sheep.
Social Butterfly II Social Butterfly II
Visit 150 different friends.