SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance Achievement List

Small No More Small No More
Kill 10000 Basic Enemies
Stuck in the Middle Stuck in the Middle
Kill 2500 Medium Enemies
The Bigger They Are The Bigger They Are
Kill 1000 Heavy Enemies
Don't Hit Me Don’t Hit Me
Kill 2000 Kamikaze Enemies
Bonus! Bonus!
Kill 20 Jetton Enemies and Gain the Pickup
Defend Earth Defend Earth
Complete All Earth Missions
They Came From the Moon They Came From the Moon
Complete All Moon Missions
Red Water Red Water
Complete All Mars Missions
Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm
Complete All Jupiter Missions
Not A Planet Not A Planet
Complete A Pluto Missions
Colder Than it Looks Colder Than it Looks
Complete All Kronor Missions
Ashes to Ashes Ashes to Ashes
Complete All Vesuvius Missions
Mau is a Good Time Mau is a Good Time
Complete All Mau Missions
That's Not a Planet That’s Not a Planet
Complete All Metroplex Missions
Done! Done!
Complete All Missions
Better Together Better Together
Complete All Missions in Co-Op
Great Scott! Great Scott!
Hit Every Warp Gate During the Pluto Mission
I Will Survive I Will Survive
Complete Any 5 Survival Missions
Best Friends Best Friends
Utilize An Ally Ship 5 Times
Viking Support Viking Support
Don’t Let Valgard’s Ship Die Through the Entire Campaign
Big Dump Big Dump
Dump over 10000 Units of Salvage
64K 64K
Collect 65536 Units of Salvage
Barrage Barrage
Deploy 4 Turrets at Once
Bomb Voyage Bomb Voyage
Destroy 10 Enemies At Once
Middle Management Middle Management
Allies Have Destroyed 1000 Enemies
Mechanic Mechanic
Buy Every Single Improvement for a Ship
Skilled Pilot Skilled Pilot
Kill 50 Enemies As A Pilot Without his Ship
Pacifist Pacifist
Complete a Mission Without Firing a Shot
9 Lives 9 Lives
Revive a Co-Op Partner 9 Times
Masochist Masochist
Defeat the Last Mission With a Ship That Has 0 Upgrades
Shiny and New Shiny and New
Win 10 Missions With All Generators Filled
Donkey Dung Donkey Dung
Give Weapon Bonuses to Allies 10 times
Space Medic Space Medic
Heal Ships of 2500 Worth of Damage
Tis But a Scratch Tis But a Scratch
Block 500 Bullets with your Shields