Sanitarium Achievement List

Exhaustion Exhaustion
Finish Level 1
Fever Fever
Finish Level 2
Headache Headache
Finish Level 3
Migraine Migraine
Finish Level 4
Vertigo Vertigo
Finish Level 5
Blackout Blackout
Finish Level 6
Hallucination Hallucination
Finish Level 7
Major Depression Major Depression
Finish Level 8
Behavior Disorder Behavior Disorder
Finish Level 9
Senility Senility
Finish Level 10
Schizophrenia Schizophrenia
Finish Level 11
Madness Madness
Finish level 12
Insanity Insanity
Finish level 13
Limbo Limbo
Find the children in the wood
Hide and seek Hide and seek
Win “Hide and seek”
Dance, dance crazy Dance, dance crazy
Make dancing three friends
Redemption Redemption
Find the sentence
Remember you Remember you
Play the good melody for the first time
You are not alone You are not alone
Speak with everyone