Samsa and the Knights of Light Achievement List

Comic Reader Comic Reader
Get the Afromonkey comic.
Out Of The Friendzone Out Of The Friendzone
Go out with Sonia!
Boom Boom! Boom Boom!
Achieve more than 800 points on Kamikazee mini game!
Old Legend Knights Old Legend Knights
Summon the powerful brothers!
Just a bartender... Just a bartender…
Recruit Esteban.
Humanimals! Humanimals!
Rescue Juno.
The Academic The Academic
Recruit Veronica.
Thieves Thieves
Recruit Sofia & Pablo.
Trusting Comrade Trusting Comrade
Recruit Sandi.
Warrior Master Warrior Master
Win the tournament.
Succubus Love Succubus Love
Lina is your girl now.
First Love First Love
Sonia is your girl now.
Demons Love Demons Love
Demi is your girl now.
New Chance to Love New Chance to Love
Lola is your girl now.
Fur Love Fur Love
Jana is your girl now.
Silent Love Silent Love
Sandi is your girl now.
Gamer Love Gamer Love
Lanka is your girl now.
Heart Stealer Heart Stealer
Sofia is your girl now.
School Love School Love
Vero is your girl now.
Celestial Love Celestial Love
Camila is your girl now.
“I’m not a coward…”
Take Boris to the final fight.
The Strongest Hero The Strongest Hero
Beat Argoon on Day 55!
The Good Soldier The Good Soldier
Finish the game with moderate evil level.
The Legendary Hero The Legendary Hero
Finish the game with no evil level.
The Cursed Demon The Cursed Demon
Finish the game high evil level.
The Evil God The Evil God
Finish the game killing Hector and choosing the Evil path.