Salt and Sanctuary Achievement List

The Banquet The Banquet
Defeat the Sodden Knight.
The Village The Village
Defeat the Queen of Smiles.
The Keep The Keep
Defeat the Kraekan Cyclops.
The Forest The Forest
Defeat the Mad Alchemist.
Hidden Achievement
The Imposter The Imposter
Defeat the False Jester.
Hidden Achievement
The Castle The Castle
Defeat the Kraekan Wyrm.
Hidden Achievement
The Red Hall The Red Hall
Defeat the Tree of Men.
Hidden Achievement
The Cave The Cave
Defeat the Disemboweled Husk.
Hidden Achievement
The Mire The Mire
Defeat that Stench Most Foul.
Hidden Achievement
The Dome The Dome
Defeat the Untouched Inquisitor.
Hidden Achievement
The Sacrifice The Sacrifice
Defeat the Third Lamb.
Hidden Achievement
The Ziggurat The Ziggurat
Defeat the Dried King.
Hidden Achievement
The Construct The Construct
Defeat the Bloodless Prince.
Hidden Achievement
The Ruins The Ruins
Defeat the Coveted.
Hidden Achievement
The Pitchwoods The Pitchwoods
Defeat Carsejaw the Cruel.
Hidden Achievement
The Lake The Lake
Defeat the Witch of the Lake.
Hidden Achievement
The Alkymancery The Alkymancery
Defeat the Unskinned and the Architect.
Hidden Achievement
The Crypt The Crypt
Defeat Kraekan Dragon Skourzh.
Hidden Achievement
The Palace The Palace
Defeat the Nameless God.
Find Sanctuary Find Sanctuary
Claim your first sanctuary.
Hidden Achievement
Find Salvation Find Salvation
Escape the island.
The Unspeakable Deep The Unspeakable Deep
Defeat the Unspeakable Deep.
Coastrock Coastrock
Aid a despondent thief.
Wise Words Wise Words
Aid a questing knight.
Fading Fast Fading Fast
Aid an unraveling sorceror.
Branded Branded
Discover your first brand.
Storied Storied
Bear all possible brands.
The Three The Three
Take an oath to The Three.
Devara's Light Devara’s Light
Take an oath to Devara’s Light.
The Iron Ones The Iron Ones
Take an oath to The Iron Ones.
The Stone Roots The Stone Roots
Take an oath to The Stone Roots.
Keepers of Fire and Sky Keepers of Fire and Sky
Take an oath to the gods of Fire and Sky.
The House of Splendor The House of Splendor
Take an oath to The House of Splendor.
Order of the Betrayer Order of the Betrayer
Take an oath to the Order of the Betrayer.
Devoted Devoted
Achieve the maximum devotion level in your creed.
Honed Honed
Achieve the maximum upgrade level of a weapon.
Hidden Achievement
Dominion Dominion
Become the new lord of the island.