Ruzar – The Life Stone Achievement List

Ooh! Shiny! Ooh! Shiny!
Collect 1 gold coin.
Fire Mastery Fire Mastery
Learn all the fire spells.
Ice Mastery Ice Mastery
Learn all the ice spells.
Earth Mastery Earth Mastery
Learn all the earth spells.
Light Mastery Light Mastery
Learn all the light spells.
Poison Mastery Poison Mastery
Learn all the poison spells.
Seasoned Traveler Seasoned Traveler
Travel more than 10000 tiles.
Collector Collector
Collect all notes in the dungeons.
Trapper Trapper
Trigger 25 traps against the creatures.
Lore Master Lore Master
Find all Tomes of Improvements.
Heavy Tank Heavy Tank
Find all pieces of an armor heavy set
Well-Padded Well-Padded
Find all pieces of an armor medium set
Lightly Armored Lightly Armored
Find all pieces of an armor light set
Pitfall Pitfall
Fall 10 times in a hole
Quest Helper Quest Helper
Complete 5 quests
Avenger Avenger
Complete 9 quests
Striker Striker
Perform 50 critical hits
Assassin Assassin
Perform 50 backstabs
Specialist Specialist
Reach 50 in one stat
Hard Worker Hard Worker
Reach level 50
Gladiator Gladiator
Complete the game twice
Finisher Finisher
Complete the game once
Cartographer Cartographer
Uncover all tiles from all maps
Skirmisher Skirmisher
Perform 25 Dual Attack
Connected Connected
Connect all Bind Stones
Archmage Archmage
Upgrade all mage skills
Veteran Veteran
Upgrade all warrior skills
Warden Warden
Upgrade all ranger skills
Banker Banker
Unlock all storage space
Cleanser Cleanser
Destroy all dark stones
Hidden Achievement
Zoo Keeper Zoo Keeper
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Spelunker Spelunker
Collect all armor miner pieces
Battle-Hardened Battle-Hardened
Kill 50 creatures
Explorer Explorer
Find all dungeons
Adventurer Adventurer
Uncover 10 secrets
Seeker Seeker
Uncover 20 secrets
Puppeteer Puppeteer
Make 5 creatures kill each other
Challenger Challenger
Complete 5 challenges
Champion Champion
Complete 10 challenges