Rustbucket Rumble Achievement List

Rustbucket Challenger Rustbucket Challenger
Get to level 25 in Ranked Matches
Rustbucket Champion Rustbucket Champion
Get to level 50 in Ranked Matches
Warming Up Warming Up
Play 50 games
Friendly Match Friendly Match
Play a match with a friend
Learning the Ropes Learning the Ropes
Complete a character tutorial
Shameless Self Promotion Shameless Self Promotion
Watch the credits
Taking Down a Titan Taking Down a Titan
Land the killing shot on El Rey Gigante Robo Jr.
Not Today Not Today
Save an ally from being consumed by El Rey Gigante Robo Jr.
Close Save Close Save
While playing as Clancy, heal an ally with less than 10% health
Heal Plz Heal Plz
While playing as Clancy, heal yourself and 2 allies
Immovable Object Immovable Object
While playing as Bjorn, absorb 100 damage with a single shield
Inescapable Rage Inescapable Rage
While playing as Bjorn, stun 5 enemies that are carrying
Stealthy Assassin Stealthy Assassin
While playing as Kasumi, stun someone and make it back to your recycler without being stunned
My Cover was not Blown My Cover was not Blown
While playing as Kasumi, carry something at least 50 meters without using teleport
Robots in a Barrel Robots in a Barrel
While playing as Valentina, stun someone who has been disabled
Long Arm of the Law Long Arm of the Law
While playing as Valentina, grab something from max range
Danger Zone Danger Zone
While playing as Maverick, hit 3 or more enemies with a single rocket
Afterburner Afterburner
While playing as Maverick, use bombing run twice while carrying something
Go My Minions Go My Minions
While playing as Daisy, have 3 carry drones out at once.
Target Locked Target Locked
While playing as Daisy, stun an enemy with your turret.