First step to world domination First step to world domination
Win your first map of the campaign
Wannabe killer Wannabe killer
Kill 100 enemy soldiers
Serial killer Serial killer
Kill 500 enemy soldiers
Elite killer Elite killer
Kill 1000 enemy soldiers
Don't give up! Don’t give up!
Died 100 times
Again and again! Again and again!
Died 200 times
Give up already! Give up already!
Died 500 times
Greenbelts world domination Greenbelts world domination
Win the Greenbelts campaign
Greycollars world domination Greycollars world domination
Win the Greycollars campaign
Brownpants world domination Brownpants world domination
Win the Brownpants campaign
Darkcat is history Darkcat is history
Destroyed the Darkcat tank
Roadrage Roadrage
Roadkill 5 soldiers
Out of my way! Out of my way!
Roadkill 20 soldiers
Road devil Road devil
Roadkill 100 soldiers
Recruit weapon dealer Recruit weapon dealer
Unlock the first enemy weapon
Master weapon dealer Master weapon dealer
Unlock 5 enemy weapons
Expert weapon dealer Expert weapon dealer
Unlock 10 enemy weapons
OMG grenade! OMG grenade!
Kill 100 enemies with blast projectiles
Badaboom! Badaboom!
Kill 200 enemies with blast projectiles
You've blown them away! You’ve blown them away!
Kill 500 enemies with blast projectiles
Bullet waster Bullet waster
10.000 bullets shot
Trunkful of bullets Trunkful of bullets
50.000 bullets shot
Truckful of bullets Truckful of bullets
100.000 bullets shot
Free Airspace Free Airspace
Destroy 1 anti-air structure
Destroyer Destroyer
Destroy 5 enemy vehicles
Serious destroyer Serious destroyer
Destroy 10 enemy vehicles
Wreckage Master Wreckage Master
Destroy 20 enemy vehicles
Rookie saboteur Rookie saboteur
Destroy 2 enemy structures
Master saboteur Master saboteur
Destroy 5 enemy structures and 1 communication structure
Elite saboteur Elite saboteur
Destroy 10 enemy structures and 2 communication structures
Rookie tracker Rookie tracker
Destroy 2 special crates and deliver 2 secret cargo vehicles
Master tracker Master tracker
Destroy 5 special crates and deliver 4 secret cargo vehicles
Elite tracker Elite tracker
Destroy 10 special crates and deliver 8 secret cargo vehicles
Special forces trainee Special forces trainee
Stab 2, kill 10 with a suppressed weapon and spot 2 strategical enemy structures
Spec Ops Expert Spec Ops Expert
Stab 5, kill 20 with a suppressed weapon and spot 7 strategical enemy structures
Elite Commando Elite Commando
Stab 10, kill 50 with a suppressed weapon and spot 15 strategical enemy structures
Who needs a fix? Who needs a fix?
Heal 1 wounded soldier
The healing hands The healing hands
Heal 5 wounded soldiers
Heal the world Heal the world
Heal 10 wounded soldiers
Who's the boss? Who’s the boss?
Kill first elite soldier
Boss cleaner Boss cleaner
Kill 5 elite soldiers
I am the boss! I am the boss!
Kill 10 elite soldiers
Prison break Prison break
Destroy first prison bus/door
Release your mates Release your mates
Destroy 3 prison bus/doors
Freedom Freedom
Destroy 5 prison bus/doors