Runestone Keeper Achievement List

To the Top To the Top
Hero reach level 10
Mage Power Mage Power
Unlock Svafa
Bloodline Bloodline
Unlock Hogg
Over the Top Over the Top
Hero reach level 12
Sacrifice Sacrifice
Use an altar
Believer Believer
Believe in a God
Betrayer Betrayer
Betray a God
Traitor Traitor
Betray two Gods in a row
Mazer Rackham Mazer Rackham
Having 9 tattoos!
Non Wasted Non Wasted
Soul point reach 80
Rich to be Willful Rich to be Willful
Collect 1000 coin in one game journey
Shiny Shiny
Obtain a piece of rare equipment
All the Way All the Way
Complete with Guy
Vengeance Sought Vengeance Sought
Complete with Svafa
Just another Cycle Just another Cycle
Complete with Hogg
First Blood First Blood
And much more to be spilled!
Fighting Spirit Fighting Spirit
Believe in the God of War
Stable as Rock Stable as Rock
Believe in the Guardian of Rock
Upfront Payment Upfront Payment
Believe in the Holy Contractor
Cold Dish Cold Dish
Believe in the God of Vengeance
Whisper of Magic Whisper of Magic
Believe in the Goddess of Magic
Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune
Believe in the God of Treasure
Purity of Your Smile Purity of Your Smile
Believe in the Goddess of Benevolence
The Void The Void
Believe in the God of Devastation
Do or Die Do or Die
Believe in the God of Evil
Ahhhhhherrrrr... Ahhhhhherrrrr…
Killed by a poison trap
Civil Duty Civil Duty
Kill 200 monsters in one go
Elite Slayer Elite Slayer
Kill 15 elite monsters in one go
Brutal Survivor Brutal Survivor
Find and clear an arena
Fall into the Abyss Fall into the Abyss
At Last Sight At Last Sight
Killed by a spike trap
Corrupter Corrupter
Kill an elite monster while stacked with 40 erosive effect
Like A Mountain Like A Mountain
Be really vital
Archmage Archmage
Be really vigorous
Boy Scout Boy Scout
Reach one full upgrade
Master Master
Reach all full upgrades
Masochist Masochist
Kill an elite monster while stacked with 15 weakness effect
Go into Darkness Go into Darkness
Reach floor 21 in Abyss mode
Cursed Cursed
Kill an elite monster while stacked with 20 cursed effect
The Dungeon The Dungeon
Reach floor 30 in Endless mode
The Cruel Punishment The Cruel Punishment
How dare you…traitor!
Déjà vu Déjà vu
Who’s this little fella?
Killed by an Overlord monster
I'm not the target I’m not the target
Kill a ranged elite monster
What's this? What’s this?
Collect your first piece of runestone
Mage Slayer Mage Slayer
Kill all the wizards in a Wizard dungeon
The Evil Within The Evil Within
Die from the Lich quest
Atheist Atheist
Reach floor 20 without believing in any Gods
Hallowmas? Hallowmas?
Killed by a monster explosion
A hard game? A hard game?
Die on 1st floor
Sneaker Sneaker
Get through a dungeon without killing anything
Resonance Resonance
Use an altar
It is your fate. It is your fate.
Try heads next time.
Lucky Dog Lucky Dog
It is your day.
Bomber Bomber
Killed by a bomb
Who's Lord? Who’s Lord?
Kill an Overlord monster
Duelist Duelist
Kill a Screen Block monster
Open the x door! Open the x door!
Die in an arena
Illidan Illidan
Interchange life percentage with a monster
Alchemist Alchemist
Forge a runestone
Perfectionist Perfectionist
All attributes tuned to 5
On your face On your face
Single strike cause more than 100 damage
Suffered Suffered
Simultaneously sustain erosion, curse, toxin and weakness effect
Clear all arenas throughout the entire game in Normal mode
Enigma of the Forest Enigma of the Forest
Complete with Merlin on any difficulty
Arena Legend Arena Legend
Complete with Alexander on any difficulty
Just a cook... right? Just a cook… right?
Complete with Azir on any difficulty
You're just lucky. You’re just lucky.
Activate “Lucky” Runeword and complete on any difficulty
Vini Vidi Vici Vini Vidi Vici
Activate “Conqueror” Runeword and complete on any difficulty
Poor little creatures Poor little creatures
Activate “Tyrant” Runeword and complete on any difficulty
Trust no one but yourself Trust no one but yourself
Activate “Pagan” Runeword and complete on any difficulty
No need for magic No need for magic
Activate “Spell Breaker” Runeword and complete on any difficulty
Don't push it Don’t push it
Activate “Fresh Blood” Runeword and complete on any difficulty
Hidden Achievement
Curiosity is good Curiosity is good
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Remember... remember! Remember… remember!
Win against Ancient Memories
Wake up Wake up
Win against Nightmare Fiend
Mistery identity Mistery identity
Complete with Balerio on any difficulty
Kansas elsewhere Kansas elsewhere
Complete with Lilith on any difficulty
What changed What changed
Complete with Morte on any difficulty
Mourner Mourner
Complete with Dellamorey on any difficulty