Runers Achievement List

First Timer First Timer
Combine your first rune
Double Trouble Double Trouble
Combine your first double spell
Three's A Crowd Three’s A Crowd
Combine your first triple spell
Upgrade! Upgrade!
Create your first triple combiner
Destroyer Destroyer
Break your first Double Combiner
Destroyerer Destroyerer
Break your first Triple Combiner
It's Simple It’s Simple
Defeat The Speedy Bat
Dunked Dunked
Defeat The Gooey Globules
Entropy Enemy Entropy Enemy
Defeat The Chaotic One
Cloud Watcher Cloud Watcher
Defeat The Storm Brewer
Maze Master Maze Master
Defeat The Artist Of The Flames
Storm Chaser Storm Chaser
Defeat The Storm Lord
Bring The Light Bring The Light
Defeat The Darkness
Voidling Phobia Voidling Phobia
Defeat The Earthborn Voidling
Redeemer Redeemer
Defeat The Fallen Paladins
Why So Serious? Why So Serious?
Defeat The Maniacal Jester
Who Guards The Guardians? Who Guards The Guardians?
Defeat The Guardian
From The Ashes From The Ashes
Defeat The Phoenix Matriarch
Work In Progress Work In Progress
Defeat The Anicent Laboratory
Steel Mind Steel Mind
Defeat The Mind Melter
Wraith Hunter Wraith Hunter
Defeat The Shadow Wraith
Elemental Man Elemental Man
Defeat The Elemental Man
True Runer True Runer
Defeat The Robot Master
Secret Hunter Secret Hunter
Unlock your first secret
Secret Hoarder Secret Hoarder
Unlock all secrets
Room Perfectionist Room Perfectionist
Beat a room flawlessly
Floor Perfectionist Floor Perfectionist
Achieve a Flawless floor
Novice Scholar Novice Scholar
Upgrade the component of a single rune spell to 10
Journeyman Scholar Journeyman Scholar
Upgrade all the components of a double rune spell to 10
Master Scholar Master Scholar
Upgrade all the components of a triple rune spell to 10
Hearty Hearty
Increase your HP to 150
Chromatic Mage Chromatic Mage
Have a loadout representing every rune type
Specialist Specialist
Have a full loadout of only 1 rune type
Unlocked Potential Unlocked Potential
Unlock all the extra spell slots
Run(e) For Your Life Run(e) For Your Life
Complete the game with at least 95% of your time moving
Lazy Lazy
Complete the game with at most 60% of your time spent moving
Monster Master Monster Master
Complete The Bestiary
Mastery Master Mastery Master
Have each master trait in one runthrough
Challenge Initiate Challenge Initiate
Complete 25% of the challenges
Challenge Novice Challenge Novice
Complete 50% of the challenges
Challenge Challenger Challenge Challenger
Complete 75% of the challenges
ChallengeChampion ChallengeChampion
Complete 100% of the challenges
Middle Of The Road Middle Of The Road
Beat Intimidating Difficulty
Difficulty Destroyer Difficulty Destroyer
Beat Apocalpyse Difficulty
Godlike Godlike
Reach Level 15
Runedex Completionist Runedex Completionist
Complete The Runedex
Let's Get Dangerous Let’s Get Dangerous
Walk into a room with 1 hp and beat the room
Nuster's Flusters Nuster’s Flusters
Enter a room on floor 10 at max HP and die to the last enemy
Pure Skill Pure Skill
Beat the game using only single spells
Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa
Beat the game never using your class ability