Rune Classic Achievement List

Completed Rune Completed Rune
Complete the game (any difficulty).
Completed Rune on Medium Completed Rune on Medium
Complete the game on Medium difficulty.
Completed Rune on Hard Completed Rune on Hard
Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
Deal with the Dealy Dangler Fish Deal with the Dealy Dangler Fish
Avoid the Dealy Dangler Fish.
To Hel and Back To Hel and Back
Make your way through Hel’s Chamber
Try This On For Size Try This On For Size
Defeat the Trial Pit Beast.
Knock His Lights Out Knock His Lights Out
Defeat the Dark Dwarf.
Kill Sark Conrack Kill Sark Conrack
Defeat Sark Conrack.
Sark Ragnar Sark Ragnar
Become Sark Ragnar.
Complete The Set Complete The Set
Get all the weapons in the game.
Lizard Eater Lizard Eater
Eat 25 Lizards.
Drinkin' and Fightin' Drinkin’ and Fightin’
Drink 25 Steins of Mead
I smell something burning I smell something burning
Defeat an enemy by setting them on fire.
Healthy Healthy
Obtain all the Runes of Health
Kill 25 Enemies Kill 25 Enemies
Kill 25 Enemies.
One Hundred Foes One Hundred Foes
Kill 100 enemies.
Two Fifty Foes Two Fifty Foes
Kill 250 enemies.
Berzerker Berzerker
Kill 25 enemies while Berzerk.
Berzerker II Berzerker II
Kill 100 enemies while Berzerk.
Sharpened Skills Sharpened Skills
Kill 50 opponents in multiplayer.
Honed to Perfection Honed to Perfection
Kill 100 opponents in multiplayer.
Executioner's Apprentice Executioner’s Apprentice
Behead 10 opponents in multiplayer.
Executioner Executioner
Behead 25 opponents in multiplayer
Master Executioner Master Executioner
Behead 100 opponents in multiplayer.
Lose your head Lose your head
Get beheaded in multiplayer.
Whet my apetite Whet my apetite
Kill 10 opponents in multiplayer.
Big Spree Big Spree
Get a 10 player kill spree in multiplayer.
Quick to Strike Quick to Strike
Get “First Blood” 10 times
Armed and Dangerous Armed and Dangerous
Beat an opponent to death with a severed limb.