Rubber Ducky and the Rainbow Gun Achievement List

Bought the Game Bought the Game
You’re the best! 😀
Secret: On the Island! Secret: On the Island!
It’s a practical paradise, just for you!
Secret: No More Snow! Secret: No More Snow!
Well, it’s still there. . . just less dire.
Secret: Bouncy Lasers! Secret: Bouncy Lasers!
Looks like someone just likes firing the Rainbow Gun. . .
Secret: Rainbow Spiky! Secret: Rainbow Spiky!
This one’s not too hard to find. . .
Secret: Flip-da-flop! Secret: Flip-da-flop!
Well, it’s sorta’ in the level. . .
Secret: The Standout Secret: The Standout
It’s there, it’s unique! Just look closely!
Secret: It Really is the Best Part Secret: It Really is the Best Part
Everyone knows it’s the best part!
Secret: Wrong Way. . . Secret: Wrong Way. . .
I told you to go right, didn’t I. . .?
Secret: It's a Boss! Secret: It’s a Boss!
. . . or it would have been, anyway!
It happens sometimes. . . It happens sometimes. . .
Have the game run below 30 Frames Per Second.
Now you're dapper! Now you’re dapper!
Buy all the costumes!
Now you've seen everything! Now you’ve seen everything!
Unlock all the levels!
Dev vs. Player Dev vs. Player
Beat the dev’s score on the last level! (You might want to shoot for around 1500)
Be addicted to social media.
Rubber Ducky teaches grammar! Rubber Ducky teaches grammar!
Type the 2nd section of the dialog from the 6th level backwards into the cheat code selector! Don’t forget to puncuate and capitalize properly!
Dev vs. Community Dev vs. Community
Convince/bother/bribe the dev until everyone gets this achievement.
Fifty-Jillion plants in the bounce house! Fifty-Jillion plants in the bounce house!
Place fifty-jillion (100) plants in the bounce house at once.
Pretty Quick! Pretty Quick!
Get below 8:00 in speed run mode.
It makes the game pretty easy! It makes the game pretty easy!
Play with Death Epileptic Pixel mode on. (There’s also a game of the same name)