RPG MO Achievement List

Completed tutorial Completed tutorial
Finish Tutorial Island
Beginner Accuracy Beginner Accuracy
Reach 30 accuracy
Beginner Strength Beginner Strength
Reach 30 strength
Beginner Defense Beginner Defense
Reach 30 defense
Beginner Health Beginner Health
Reach 30 health
Beginner Magic Beginner Magic
Reach 30 magic
Beginner Alchemy Beginner Alchemy
Reach 30 alchemy
Beginner Woodcutting Beginner Woodcutting
Reach 30 woodcutting
Beginner Farming Beginner Farming
Reach 30 farming
Beginner Fishing Beginner Fishing
Reach 30 fishing
Beginner Cooking Beginner Cooking
Reach 30 cooking
Beginner Jewelry Beginner Jewelry
Reach 30 jewelry
Beginner Carpentry Beginner Carpentry
Reach 30 carpentry
Beginner Forging Beginner Forging
Reach 30 forging
Beginner Mining Beginner Mining
Reach 30 mining
Beginner Breeding Beginner Breeding
Reach 30 breeding
High Accuracy High Accuracy
Reach 60 accuracy
High Strength High Strength
Reach 60 strength
High Defense High Defense
Reach 60 defense
High Health High Health
Reach 60 health
High Magic High Magic
Reach 60 magic
High Alchemy High Alchemy
Reach 60 alchemy
High Woodcutting High Woodcutting
Reach 60 woodcutting
High Farming High Farming
Reach 60 farming
High Fishing High Fishing
Reach 60 fishing
High Cooking High Cooking
Reach 60 cooking
High Jewelry High Jewelry
Reach 60 jewelry
High Carpentry High Carpentry
Reach 60 carpentry
High Forging High Forging
Reach 60 forging
High Mining High Mining
Reach 60 mining
High Breeding High Breeding
Reach 60 breeding
Superior Accuracy Superior Accuracy
Reach 90 accuracy
Superior Strength Superior Strength
Reach 90 strength
Superior Defense Superior Defense
Reach 90 defense
Superior Health Superior Health
Reach 90 health
Superior Magic Superior Magic
Reach 90 magic
Superior Alchemy Superior Alchemy
Reach 90 alchemy
Superior Woodcutting Superior Woodcutting
Reach 90 woodcutting
Superior Farming Superior Farming
Reach 90 farming
Superior Fishing Superior Fishing
Reach 90 fishing
Superior Cooking Superior Cooking
Reach 90 cooking
Superior Jewelry Superior Jewelry
Reach 90 jewelry
Superior Carpentry Superior Carpentry
Reach 90 carpentry
Superior Forging Superior Forging
Reach 90 forging
Superior Mining Superior Mining
Reach 90 mining
Superior Breeding Superior Breeding
Reach 90 breeding
Party Quest Normal Party Quest Normal
Unlock normal party quest difficulty
Party Quest Hell Party Quest Hell
Unlock hell party quest difficulty
First Birthday First Birthday
Play for a year
100 Daily 100 Daily
Log in every day for 100 days
Piglet Piglet
Successfully craft a piglet
Rich Rich
Acquire or buy 1000 MOS
2nd Chest Page 2nd Chest Page
Unlock 2nd chest page
3rd Chest Page 3rd Chest Page
Unlock 3rd chest page
4th Chest Page 4th Chest Page
Unlock 4th chest page
5th Chest Page 5th Chest Page
Unlock 5th chest page
Cathedral Boss Cathedral Boss
Reach to the end of Cathedral
Cathedral Explorer Cathedral Explorer
Reach to Cathedral level 50
Collector Collector
Open a Rare Present
Premium Premium
Become a premium member
Acid Dragon Lord Slayer Acid Dragon Lord Slayer
Kill an Acid Dragon Lord
Ancient Hydra Slayer Ancient Hydra Slayer
Kill an Ancient Hydra
Pharaoh Slayer Pharaoh Slayer
Kill a Pharaoh
Nephilim Warrior Slayer Nephilim Warrior Slayer
Kill a Nephilim Warrior
World Tree Slayer World Tree Slayer
Kill a World Tree
Diablo Slayer Diablo Slayer
Kill a Diablo
Beginner Fletching Beginner Fletching
Reach 30 fletching
Beginner Archery Beginner Archery
Reach 30 archery
High Fletching High Fletching
Reach 60 fletching
High Archery High Archery
Reach 60 archery
Superior Fletching Superior Fletching
Reach 90 fletching
Superior Archery Superior Archery
Reach 90 archery
Titan Minotaur Slayer Titan Minotaur Slayer
Kill a Titan Minotaur
Blood Eagle Slayer Blood Eagle Slayer
Kill a Blood Eagle
Party Quest Hard Party Quest Hard
Unlock hard party quest difficulty