RPG Fighter League Achievement List

Hall of Champions Hall of Champions
Enter in the Fighter League.
Gentle League Gentle League
Win the Gentle League trophy.
Support Boy Support Boy
Recruit Emil in your team.
Learning League Learning League
Win the Learning League trophy.
Ninja Shadow Warrior Ninja Shadow Warrior
Recruit Karl in your team.
Fire Moutain Warrior Fire Moutain Warrior
Recruit Sephia in your team.
Switch League Switch League
Win the Switch League trophy.
Advanced League Advanced League
Win the Advanced League trophy.
Ice Ranger Ice Ranger
Recruit Rachelle in your team.
Sheep League I Sheep League I
Win the Sheep League I trophy.
Ram Titan Monster I Ram Titan Monster I
Defeat 1 Ram Titan Monster
Guard Specialist Guard Specialist
Recruit Gregoire in your team.
Frozen League I Frozen League I
Win the Frozen League I trophy.
Major League Major League
Win the Major League trophy.
Wolf Samurai Wolf Samurai
Recruit Wolfy in your team.
Don't tell anyone Don’t tell anyone
Find 1 secret in the game.
It's a secret It’s a secret
Find 5 secrets in the game.
New Detective New Detective
Find 15 secrets in the game.
Nothing to hide Nothing to hide
Find 25 secrets in the game.
Random Lucky Fighter Random Lucky Fighter
Recruit Clive in your team.
Ram Titan Monster II Ram Titan Monster II
Defeat 5 Ram Titan Monster
Master League Master League
Win the Master League trophy.
Time Limit League I Time Limit League I
Win the Time Limit League I trophy.
Choice League Choice League
Win the Choice League trophy.
Light Fighter Light Fighter
Recruit Valery in your team.
Animated League Animated League
Win the Animated League trophy.
Beast Swordman Beast Swordman
Recruit Zack in your team.
Craftman Craftman
Find and save Hall from the monsters.
Thief Marksman Thief Marksman
Recruit James in your team.
Fan Club I Fan Club I
Have 5 Fans of your team.
Fan Club II Fan Club II
Have 100 Fans of your team.
Fan Club III Fan Club III
Have 500 Fans of your team.
Fan Club IV Fan Club IV
Have 1000 Fans of your team.
Fan Club V Fan Club V
Have 5000 Fans of your team.
Fan Club VI Fan Club VI
Have 7000 Fans of your team.
Fan Club VIII Fan Club VIII
Have 10000 Fans of your team.
Fan Club VII Fan Club VII
Have 8000 Fans of your team.
Music Hall Music Hall
Change the music in the Hall of Champions
True Detective True Detective
Find 30 secrets in the game.
So you think you can dance? So you think you can dance?
Recruit Jade in your team.