Roses and Gems Achievement List

The free life! The free life!
Rescued the pirate merchant.
World's Bane World’s Bane
The world is broken…
The dwarven hall The dwarven hall
You’ve discovered Aleville!
Defeated Immortal Defeated Immortal
You’ve defeated the final boss! Or have you?
Victory Victory
You’ve completed hard difficulty!
Harder Victory Harder Victory
You’ve completed a more manly difficulty!
Loss Loss
You didn’t die, wish unfulfilled.
Unsurprising Victory Unsurprising Victory
Completing this difficulty isn’t actually too hard.
Burning Victory Burning Victory
Rocks falling from the sky means nothing to you.
Victory? Victory?
You may have completed this difficulty, but with the world destroyed, have you truly won?
The Victory The Victory
You may as well stop playing now, this game has nothing harder to offer.