Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens Achievement List

Crafty Crafty
Craft your first defense/trap.
God of War God of War
Kill a Zombien with every weapon in the game.
Survival 101 Survival 101
Survive 10 Zombien waves.
Survivalist Survivalist
Survive 20 Zombien waves.
I Will Survive I Will Survive
Survive 30 Zombien waves.
The Survivor The Survivor
Survive 50 Zombien waves.
Levelution Levelution
Get the player character to level 10.
Leveltacular Leveltacular
Get the player character to level 20.
Gutted Grunts Gutted Grunts
Kill 50 grunts in a single session.
Aim for the Brain Aim for the Brain
Kill 30 brains in a single session.
Brutish Brutish
Kill 10 brutes in a single sesion.
Kamikaze Killer Kamikaze Killer
Kill 20 kamizombiens before they explode in a single session.
Martial Law Martial Law
Kill 25 militia zombiens in a single session.
Quarantine Quarantine
Kill 15 plague carriers in a single session.
Party Time Party Time
Recruit a full party.
Casting Call Casting Call
Rescue your first cast member.
Packrat Packrat
Have 15+ of each resource at a given time.
Parts and Crafts Parts and Crafts
Craft 20 traps/defenses in a single session.
Multiplier Master Multiplier Master
Accumulate a 10x multiplier.
Trapper Keeper Trapper Keeper
Kill multiple enemies with a single trap.
Walled Off Walled Off
Build 10 defenses in a single session.
Trapper Trapper
Build 10 traps in a single session.
Daily Winner Daily Winner
Reach first place in a Daily Challenge leaderboard.
Lord of War Lord of War
Purchase every weapon in the game.