Rooks Keep Achievement List

Victory Victory
Win a match
Triumphant Triumphant
Win a Team-Match
Ascendancy Ascendancy
Become the Warlord
Assassin Assassin
Defeat a Warlord
Veteran Veteran
Kill 10 enemies without dying
Battle-born Battle-born
Kill 25 enemies without dying
Scourge Scourge
Kill 1000 enemies
Squire of the Arena Squire of the Arena
Win 20 matches
Baron of the Keep Baron of the Keep
Win 200 matches
Betrayer Betrayer
Kill 10 team members
Level-up Level-up
Upgrade your character 10 times in the same life
Brutality Brutality
Kill 10 characters in one life with the Damage
Loyalist Loyalist
Eliminate all teams without changing sides (Conversion)
Game-Master Game-Master
Win each game-mode
Warrior Warrior
Win in every arena map
Tactician Tactician
Win in every Chess map
Outwitted Outwitted
Beat the AI at Classic Chess
Reversal Reversal
Defeat the attacker in Combat Chess
First-Blood First-Blood
Draw first blood
Underdog Underdog
Defeat an upgraded piece (5 skills at least) without your own upgrades
Skillshot Skillshot
Kill an enemy with your ability
Flawless Victory Flawless Victory
Win a round without losing a life (LMS, TLMS)
Mutated Mutated
Win a match with 5 mutators running
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades
Fully purchase all skills
Promotion Promotion
Turn your pawn into a queen in chess
Versatility Versatility
Win a match as every character (arena modes)
Bone Crusher Bone Crusher
Kill 10 enemies using Bash