Roller Coaster Rampage Achievement List

Loop Loop
Complete a Loop
Barrel Roll Barrel Roll
Perform a Barrel Roll
Bottle Opener Bottle Opener
Complete 15 Corkscrews
Lock Pick Master Lock Pick Master
Unlock All 30 Levels
Gold Star Gold Star
Receive a Gold Star
Ring Master Ring Master
Build 50 Loops
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Collect 1000 Gems
Joy Ride Joy Ride
Complete 1 Coaster in Freeride
Completionist Completionist
Complete All 30 Levels
Outsider Outsider
Complete 100 Outside Stunts
Drop that Ship! Drop that Ship!
Destroy the Seamonster 8 Times
High Scorer! High Scorer!
Achieve 16x Multiplier 16 Times
Linkage Linkage
Link 250 Track Sections
Engineer Engineer
Build 100 Complete Coasters
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Receive Gold Stars For All 30 Levels