Rogue Stormers Achievement List

Operatic Arsonist Operatic Arsonist
Recruit Presto
Oozing Bombshell Oozing Bombshell
Recruit Camille
Berserk Barmaid Berserk Barmaid
Recruit Stabbygale
Gentleman Sniper Gentleman Sniper
Recruit El Cazador
Elite Shredder Elite Shredder
Kill 200 Goblins Elites with Brecht
1000 Bullets 1000 Bullets
Kill 1000 Goblins
Dark Wings Dark Wings
Kill 100 Gloomshrouds with Brecht
Explosive Exit Explosive Exit
Kill 250 Goblin Suicide Bombers with Stabbygale
ElRaser ElRaser
Kill 100 Orc Plasma Gunners with El Cazador
Liquid Machinator Liquid Machinator
Defeat the Dreadwalker, Green Baron and Mouse Panzer bosses with Camille
Hunter From the Future Hunter From the Future
Complete the game 7 times with El Cazador
Spoiled Rich Spoiled Rich
Collect a total of 50,000 gold pieces
Just a Scratch Just a Scratch
Heal yourself for the first time
Radiant Goo Radiant Goo
Complete the game 7 times with Camille
My Love Is Like a Truck My Love Is Like a Truck
Kill 50 Orc Berserkers with Presto
Piercing Pest Control Piercing Pest Control
Destroy 150 Sharkopede Grubs
Filthy Rich Filthy Rich
Collect a total of 20,000 gold pieces
Turret Opera Turret Opera
Destroy 100 turrets with Presto
Goblinstalker Goblinstalker
Kill 1000 Goblins with El Cazador
Boom! Boom!
Kill 75 Orc Grenadiers and 25 Orc Minethrowers
Triple-Barreled Terror Triple-Barreled Terror
Kill 33 Orc Shotgunners with Camille, Brecht and El Cazador
Final Tankdown Final Tankdown
Destroy the Mouse Panzer boss with every Rogue Stormer
Stabby Road Stabby Road
Defeat the Dreadwalker, Green Baron and Mouse Panzer bosses with Stabbygale eight times each
Healing Hell Healing Hell
Heal a total of 5000 HP
Caucasian Males Can Jump Caucasian Males Can Jump
Examine the Supercalifragilistic Umbrella and the Young Grasshoppah with El Cazador
Walking All Over the Dreadwalker Walking All Over the Dreadwalker
Destroy the Dreadwalker boss twice
Stabbin' in Style Stabbin’ in Style
Examine the Wee Wizard Hat with Stabbygale
Turret Trasher Turret Trasher
Destroy 1000 turrets
Liberator Liberator
Complete the game 20 times
No Time to Bleed No Time to Bleed
Heal a total of 250 HP
Slavehunter Hunter Slavehunter Hunter
Kill 50 Orc Slavehunters
How Does It Work? How Does It Work?
Examine the EM Device
Savior Savior
Complete the game 50 times
Fall of the Goblin Empire Fall of the Goblin Empire
Kill 1000 Goblin Elites
Riot Control Riot Control
Kill 1000 Goblin Rioters
The Gun Has Been Doubled The Gun Has Been Doubled
Examine the Kinked Barrel and the Minigun
Pest Control Pest Control
Kill 2500 Goblins
Hero Hero
Complete the game twice
Soylent Green Soylent Green
Kill 10,000 Goblin Rioters
Bigger Mousetrap Bigger Mousetrap
Destroy the Mouse Panzer twice
Freedom in Death Freedom in Death
Kill Mørkenrav twice
PB & J PB & J
Examine the Rusty Drill and the Suspension Spring
Out of Gas Out of Gas
Kill 50 Goblin Gas Grenadiers with Presto
Slick Minion Farmer Slick Minion Farmer
Destroy 200 Robocopters with Camille