Rogue Port – Red Nightmare Achievement List

1st Friend Saved! 1st Friend Saved!
You Saved your 1st Friend!
2nd Friend Saved! 2nd Friend Saved!
You Saved your 2nd friend!
3rd Friend Saved! 3rd Friend Saved!
You Saved your 3rd Friend!
Got Your Dog! Got Your Dog!
Your Dog Joined the Team!
Final Boss Defeat! Final Boss Defeat!
You have Defeated the Final Boss!
High Score! High Score!
You got a Perfect Score on Star Shot!
Carrots! Carrots!
You Successfully Harvested Carrots!
Corn! Corn!
You Successfully Harvested Corn!
Tomatoes! Tomatoes!
You Successfully Harvested Tomatoes!
Turnips! Turnips!
You Successfully Harvested Turnips!
Secret Friend! Secret Friend!
Unlocked via Secret Code