Rocket Fist Achievement List

One Punch Robot One Punch Robot
Kill 3 players on multiplayer with one single punch.
Intercepted Intercepted
Parry an enemy fist with your own fist 20 times.
Pinball Magician Pinball Magician
50 bounceshots.
You shouldn`t have... You shouldn`t have…
Destroy 10 cannons with its own bomb.
Demolitions Expert Demolitions Expert
Destroy 25 enemies with bombs.
Rocketanium Defense Rocketanium Defense
Block 10 incoming fists with the shield powerup on multiplayer
There can only be one There can only be one
Win a deathmatch against three opponents without dying once (invincible title)
Where is the easy mode? Where is the easy mode?
Complete 5 multiplayer matches without destroying any robot (pacifist title)
Giant Warrior Rocketleon Giant Warrior Rocketleon
Smash at least 2 robots with one dash while using the Big power up on multiplayer
Ant Robot Ant Robot
Destroy 15 enemies while using the Shrink power up on multiplayer.
Rocket Norris Rocket Norris
Beat a non-tutorial sector without dying. (Normal difficulty or higher)
That`s not fair That`s not fair
In a Survival match, have the highest number of kills and still lose the match.
Two Robots, one fist Two Robots, one fist
Have 30 Double Kills
I think you've dropped that I think you’ve dropped that
Have 50 Stunsteals
Hey, stop that! Hey, stop that!
Stun the same enemy 10 times.
Hidden Achievement
Miscalculated distance Miscalculated distance
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hidden Achievement
Zero is not Cool Zero is not Cool
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Gotta catch them all Gotta catch them all
Catch 20 incoming fists.
Tin Saint Tin Saint
Complete the Tutorial
This is just the beginning This is just the beginning
Complete Sector 1
Pythagorized Pythagorized
Complete Sector 2
Why Spiders? Why Spiders?
Complete Sector 3
Bomber Robot Down Bomber Robot Down
Complete Sector 4
Uncovered Knuckle Uncovered Knuckle
Complete Sector 5
Laughing in the face of danger Laughing in the face of danger
Have 10 Close calls, with only one life left.
Deathmatched Deathmatched
Play 50 Deathmatches
Survived (or not) Survived (or not)
Play 50 Survival matches
I wasn't even trying I wasn’t even trying
Have 25 Indirect Kills
A sight beyond sight A sight beyond sight
Hit 3 Longshots in the same multiplayer match
Deadshot Deadshot
Get an after death kill.