Rock Boshers DX: Director’s Cut Achievement List

Patience Patience
Sit through the game load to unlock `CHEESE DREAMS` arcade game.
Snacker Snacker
Collect 5 of each food type to unlock `AQUA KITTY` arcade game.
Super Snacker Super Snacker
Collect 10 of each food type to unlock `GHOST PYRAMID` arcade game.
Ultra Snacker Ultra Snacker
Collect 15 of each food type to unlock `BOSHTEROIDS` arcade game.
Snack Hoarder Snack Hoarder
Collect all the food pickups.
Pistol Pistol
Collect the Pistol.
Coal Rockets Coal Rockets
Collect some coal rockets.
Machine Gun Machine Gun
Collect some machine gun ammo.
Steam Laser Steam Laser
Collect some steam laser ammo.
Explorer Explorer
Find a hidden area.
Escapist Escapist
Evade the giant worms and make it to the exit.
Tank Time Tank Time
Get to the planet surface with your new tank.
Rock Bosher Rock Bosher
Complete the game.